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John Bannister
Database & Web Design
Liberal Applier of Yellow

Derek Gustafson
General Support
Archivist Taunter

Hekate V. Lunasri
Consulting, Compliance Outreach & Data Entry
Adjective Noun of Verb

Matt McGlincy
Consulting & Data Entry/Migration
Chief Data Mucker

Benjamin Sherwood
Moral Support

Ian Long
ELMB Curator

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Founder & Bibliographer
The Dog Man


The ELMB/ELRPG backers whose interest and support helped us make this a reality.

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About the Annotations

Annotations consist of comments in five categories:

  • • the core concept in the creator’s own words
  • • the content’s character and notable mechanics, tables, etc.
  • • the writing’s character, composition, and/or accessibility
  • • the visual character of the graphic design and/or layout
  • • notes on usability as a game document and/or play component

Other Resources

Special thanks to Martin Gehrke for his invaluable Mörk Borg Adventures doc, which compiles an excellent array of content and information. The MÖRK BORG Game Master and Player’s Guide provides a handy, more granular breakdown of monsters and items. 

Martin also assembled a handy Mörk Borg Design Primer for the benefit of indie creators. Michal Gotkowski put together I’m not paying Nohr for cover art STARTER PACK, a roster of resources for finding and creating art and illustrations.

Matt McGlincy has compiled a great directory of VTT resources.

For more legal and copyright information, see Walt's post about the third-party license.
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