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4th World Race Templates for Mork Borg

Concept: “Racial Templates are provided for: Dwarf, Elf, Human (for comparison), Ork, Pixie, Reptilman, Rockman, and Troll.”
Content: A procedure for generating and applying Earthdawn racial templates to Scvm of all kinds.
Writing: Rules to modify abilities during character generation and apply race-specific features to your Scvm. 
Art/design: Incorporates portraits to provide examples of each Earthdawn race.
Usability: Straightforward mod with clear rules implications. 

Challengers of Vanth

Concept:Challengers of Vanth is renting a VHS from the sci-fi rack at the neighborhood video rental shop after midnight.”
Content: A parody of 70s science-fiction/fantasy pop culture, seen through adolescence, writ Mörk Borg.
Writing: Restructures Mörk Borg to better incorporate TRUE SCIENTIFIC REALISM, with significantly expanded abilities, and interactions between scientific and primitive technologies.
Art/design: Retains the character of early RPG illustration and design.
Usability: A substantial core rulebook, bestiary, starter adventure, and excel character generator as separate files. 

Cthork Borg

Concept: “Gloomy gilded age struggles against cosmic horror”
A full adaptation of the Mörk Borg core system for weird, investigative horror in the early 20th century
An appropriate mix of clear instructional text with more evocative descriptions
More traditional layout and design than some releases, but the colors and illustrations establish the setting and tone well
At 120 pages, a bit heftier than the norm

Additional supplements for this conversion are available on the creator's itch page.


Concept: “Start on the backside!”
Content: A dung’eon crawl to play on the toilet.
Writing: Filthy and fun. A delightfully nutty rules texture with the occasional crunch.
Art/design: Unexpectedly clean text layout. Perfectly legible on paper. Less so on toilet paper.
Usability: Available in A5 and half-letter. Accommodations for public bathroom play are provided in extras. Your results may vary. 

Forbidden Psalm: A Gloomy Day

Concept: “Across the Chemical Wastes comes a collaboration soaked in mud and choking from gas... a collection of 3 Scenarios, new monsters, and weapons”
Content: Three scenarios, two mercenaries, two weapons, and a monstrous plague for Forbidden Psalm.
Writing: Narrative scenarios raise the stakes to a foreboding conclusion. 
Art/design: Muted, desperate, and grim. Earns its titular gloom.
Usability: Varied, stylized, but legible design. 


Concept: “There is nothing but the City.”
A complete, setting-centric RPG based on the Mörk Borg system
Well written with a consistently bleak and visceral tone. (Did you expect anything less?)
Fairly traditional graphic design and layout with illustrations that support the theme well
Verbally and visually graphic in some places

Magisk Tjej, A Game Of Delinquent School Girls And The Demons They Fight

Concept: “School sucks. Some cutesy space god gave you magical powers. Now you have to fight demons.”
Content: Magical Girls*. Magical School. Fighting Demons.
Writing: As entertainingly sarcastic and angsty as the delinquent magical girls it portrays.
Art/design: Clean and navigable layout, kept entertaining with variety in typographic elements.
Usability: *“You don’t need to be a girl. Your character doesn’t need to be a girl. Neither do you have to Feminine. I mean, you’re playing fucking delinquents.” Work in Progress


“The old gods are dead, and people are fighting for the right to survive in a world ruled by monsters.”

Mörk Svär

Concept: “MÖRK SFÄR (“dark sphere”) is a tabletop war/roleplaying game combining the aesthetic of MÖRK BORG with the universe of BattleTech”
Content: A battle plan for the invasion of Mörk Borg ascetics into BattleTech.
Writing: An outline. Narrative sketch, and concept design notes to establish a miserable fading sphere where humanity wars with giant mechs.
Art/design: It’s an outline, what do you expect? Frescoes?
Usability: An open invitation to expand the concept. 

Nine Giant Frogs Zine

Concept: “a small zine of OSR TTRPG monsters, classes and house rules”
Content: A bestiary of pagan spirits, a Mörk Borg tactical gun combat hack, a statuesque dwarf class.
Writing: The fantasy elements are reminiscent of traditional folklore. The skirmish game component is mechanically more robust than Mörk Borg, but still fairly streamlined.
Art/design: Hand inked, pixel, and public domain art. A simple and uncluttered layout.
Usability: The dwarf class is written more for generic OSR games, and may require some slight conversion.

Nobunaga's Black Castle - Rules

8 contributors
Concept: “「信長の黒い城」は、織田信長が本能寺で死なず、本当の第六天魔王になった闇の戦国時代を舞台にした、戦国ドゥーム・メタル・ファンタジーTRPGである。(‘Nobunaga's Black Castle’ is a Sengoku doom metal fantasy TRPG set in the dark Warring States period when Nobunaga Oda did not die in Honnoji and became the true Demon King of the Sixth Heaven.)”
Content: Mörk Borg set in an alternate doomed Warring States period. With rules, classes, monsters, and three scenarios.
Writing: Congruent elements establish a cursed alternative history.
Art/design: A bold and bloody tapestry.
Usability: Strong visual style and a comprehensive index make a suitable reference. GM screen available.

On the Bones of Bathala

Concept: “On the Bones of Bathala is a grimdark game inspired by Ancient Philippines and Filipino folklore creatures.”
Includes alternate apocalyptic lore, setting-specific character creation and rules, gear, and monsters
Maintains Mörk Borg’s tone and focus but adds a markedly more-condescending attitude and humor
Graphic design and layout all show Nohr’s influence but tend toward more distinctly liberal utilization of space and an aesthetic that leans more toward clear mimesis than affective expression
A stand-alone, fully functional product exploding with character

This entry was sponsored by momatoes as part of the Ex Libris RPG crowdfunding campaign.
“I’m completely blown away by how much content is packed into this stylish, evocative RPG that blends unique mythopoeia with doom. Heck, there’s even dedicated sections for character creation and GM content!! The premise is ‘simple’ (you dive into Lambana, the Great Balete Tree in the Old World, to seek fulfillment of a deep desire) but the brief prompts offer the foundation for a creative GM to build a crazy, multilayered world where one-eyed giants, rotting humanoids, and half-horse half-men roam an ever-shifting environment. I can’t praise the content, theme and even illustration highly enough.”


Concept: “Something has gone wrong, and you’ll have to explore the ship to find out what.”
Content: A Dark Fort inspired solo game set in the world of Death in Space
Writing: Concise and engaging setting and mechanics, full of classic Sci-Fi references.
Art/design: Crisp black and white layout that’s easier to navigate than the vastness of space. Grim cover art to remind you of the consequences if you fail.
Usability: A self-contained, fast paced, solo game. Easy to play during any decompression cycle. English & Japanese versions.

Tyst Borg

“Metal bands; they compose their own songs of rage and revolt and travel the lands expanding their numbers so they can one day confront the Undying Orchestra itself.”

Vast Grimm

8 contributors
Concept: “Will you make it through the Gate of Infinite Stars and escape to another universe? Or will you end up like so many before you, inhabited and controlled by the parasites that are the Vast Grimm.”
A sci-horror adaptation of Mörk Borg
Incorporates many familiar elements from its source material while establishing its own voice and style
Maintains the artpunk aesthetic but adapts to its genre and setting; art is a mix of two- and three-dimensional designs
Includes a rules reference sheet and multiple indices for easy use and navigation

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