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4th World Race Templates for Mork Borg

Concept: “Racial Templates are provided for: Dwarf, Elf, Human (for comparison), Ork, Pixie, Reptilman, Rockman, and Troll.”
Content: A procedure for generating and applying Earthdawn racial templates to Scvm of all kinds.
Writing: Rules to modify abilities during character generation and apply race-specific features to your Scvm. 
Art/design: Incorporates portraits to provide examples of each Earthdawn race.
Usability: Straightforward mod with clear rules implications. 

Acceptable Casualties

Concept: “Who knows why we're fighting anymore?” 
Content: Rules for WWMörk casualties to live by.
Writing: A dry, technical, and familiar gallows humor reminds us war (and bureaucracy) never dies.
Art/design: The unmoving efficiency of bureaucracy meets the soft tissue of the casualties it consumes.
Usability: Plain text organized by the alphanumeric keys of an old technical manual. 

A Grand Party at the End of the World

Concept: “Fifteen  unofficial character classes for the Mörk Borg roleplaying game”
Content: Fifteen modern road warriors and rejects at world's end.
Writing: Prolific depictions dramatize a savage cast of bombastic scvm.
Art/design: A dark background spattered in violent illustrative negatives. 
Usability: Descriptive class features may require direct reference. Action movie-style sexualized violence is occasionally implied. 

Bunker Busters

Concept: “journey through the irradiated wasteland, scavenging for supplies and fighting off hoardes of ravenous mutant and blood-thirsty raiders.” 
Content: An irradiated wasteland of careening cars, bloody bunkers, scavengers, and survivors. Complete with standalone rules, a character sheet, and a starter adventure.
Writing: Understated, clear, and economical style that conserves its limited resources.
Art/design: Wasteland weapons and vehicles punctuate a plain text experience
Usability: Legible, organized, and printer-friendly design.  

Challengers of Vanth

Concept:Challengers of Vanth is renting a VHS from the sci-fi rack at the neighborhood video rental shop after midnight.”
Content: A parody of 70s science-fiction/fantasy pop culture, seen through adolescence, writ Mörk Borg.
Writing: Restructures Mörk Borg to better incorporate TRUE SCIENTIFIC REALISM, with significantly expanded abilities, and interactions between scientific and primitive technologies.
Art/design: Retains the character of early RPG illustration and design.
Usability: A substantial core rulebook, bestiary, starter adventure, and excel character generator as separate files. 

Cthopen Cthourse

Concept: “a license for hacking the Mörk Borg hack: Cthork Borg.”
Content: An open-source license for Cthork Borg, and a basic style guide.
Writing: Mostly not legalese.
Art/design: Demonstrates the Cthork Borg style it instructs.
Usability: References Mörk Borg 3P and CC BY-NC 4.0 licenses. 

Cthork Borg

Concept: “Gloomy gilded age struggles against cosmic horror”
A full adaptation of the Mörk Borg core system for weird, investigative horror in the early 20th century
An appropriate mix of clear instructional text with more evocative descriptions
More traditional layout and design than some releases, but the colors and illustrations establish the setting and tone well
At 120 pages, a bit heftier than the norm

Additional supplements for this conversion are available on the creator's itch page.


Concept: “For an authentic experience, get a fish and a blade, and listen to Murmaider by Dethklok. On repeat.”
Content: A standalone fishblade hack of DARK FORT, with optional co-op rules.
Writing: Puns that are succulently fishy. Mechanics that are seriously blade-y.
Art/design: Awkward man-fish, and fish-saws flop between pages of aquamarine and white.
Usability: Available in full size, A4, and letter format. Included character sheet.  


Concept: “Start on the backside!”
Content: A dung’eon crawl to play on the toilet.
Writing: Filthy and fun. A delightfully nutty rules texture with the occasional crunch.
Art/design: Unexpectedly clean text layout. Perfectly legible on paper. Less so on toilet paper.
Usability: Available in A5 and half-letter. Accommodations for public bathroom play are provided in extras. Your results may vary. 

Forbidden Psalm: A Gloomy Day

Concept: “Across the Chemical Wastes comes a collaboration soaked in mud and choking from gas... a collection of 3 Scenarios, new monsters, and weapons”
Content: Three scenarios, two mercenaries, two weapons, and a monstrous plague for Forbidden Psalm.
Writing: Narrative scenarios raise the stakes to a foreboding conclusion. 
Art/design: Muted, desperate, and grim. Earns its titular gloom.
Usability: Varied, stylized, but legible design. 

Forbidden Psalm: Dead Church

“Seeking refuge, you head into the town of Deadchurch. Finding it 
devoid of life, you make your way through its empty, 
leaf-littered streets. 
But then you hear them: the moans of the dead.”
Content: A Forbidden Psalm survival horror zombie crawl.
Writing: Unexpectedly lively and interactive mechanics reflect the unlife of Dead Church.
Art/design: Downright disturbing drawings disgrace decorated descriptive text.
Usability: Spacious layouts with clear fonts for ease of reference. 

Forbidden Psalm: Medieval Marginalia

Concept: “From the margins of ancient lore come forth horrors to
twist your mind and burn your eyes.”
Content: A menagerie of misbegotten marginalia and their mischievous meddlings. 
Writing: Hilariously unpredictable marginalia burn down the house.
Art/design: Simple and restrained design to showcase gorgeously dreamlike miniatures.
Usability: Strong illustrations in a consistent layout aid rule reference. 

Forbidden Psalm: Würm Moon

Concept: “A new scenario for Forbidden Psalm, featuring a suspicious farmer with an uncomfortably slow drawl.”
Content: A wriggling farmyard massacre under the Würm Moon.
Writing: Dialogue worth drawling out, and a scenario that’s both clear and bursting with tiny details. 
Art/design: A near-psychedelic monstrosity haunts a crooked and layered neon design. 
Usability: Stylized and largely functional. 

Grinding the MMORKG

Concept: “Want to use Mork Borg modules as a virtual reality simulation in your Cy_Borg game? Or to give your Mork Borg players a taste of Cy?”
Content: Five interconnected dungeons bridging the gap between Mörk and Cy, rules for scvm conversion, sweet from rigs, and some sim-addicted punk.
Writing: A fluid and in-depth investigation that focuses on the politics of Cy and humorously subverts the core conceit of Mörk Borg.
Art/design: Deftly blends the visual style of both source material.
Usability: A well reference and stylized adventure text with self contained rules that are partitioned for easy reference.


Concept: “There is nothing but the City.”
A complete, setting-centric RPG based on the Mörk Borg system
Well written with a consistently bleak and visceral tone. (Did you expect anything less?)
Fairly traditional graphic design and layout with illustrations that support the theme well
Verbally and visually graphic in some places
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