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Wilsonian Games (Damon Wilson)

4th World Race Templates for Mork Borg

Concept: “Racial Templates are provided for: Dwarf, Elf, Human (for comparison), Ork, Pixie, Reptilman, Rockman, and Troll.”
Content: A procedure for generating and applying Earthdawn racial templates to Scvm of all kinds.
Writing: Rules to modify abilities during character generation and apply race-specific features to your Scvm. 
Art/design: Incorporates portraits to provide examples of each Earthdawn race.
Usability: Straightforward mod with clear rules implications. 

AD&D (1e) Monsters to Mörk Borg Conversion

Concept: “a tool for assisting Mörk Borg Gamemasters (GMs) with converting 1st Edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Monsters (AD&D 1e) into Mörk Borg Stat Blocks”  
Content: Product links, stat block templates, encounter balance, conversion comments, and an example conversion.
Writing: A collection of references and links in a neatly formatted template.
Art/Design: Weasel printing included.
Usability: Print-friendly. Contains affiliate links to DriveThru products. 

Fortune Teller Weather Delay

Concept: “Pick flap to open and read the weather delay!”
Content: A folding fortune teller of seasonal weather.
Writing: Seasons, numbers, d2s, and d4s.
Art/design: Nostalgic design that invokes playground memories.
Usability: Print and fold into a paper fortune teller for best worst results. 


Concept: “The Goblant is a hybrid of a Goblin and a Giant Ant, and carries the Goblin curse.”
Content: Like goblins, but worse.
Writing: Just the mechanics. Let the name and depiction do most of the work.
Art/design: Top half art, bottom half text. Back half ant, front half goblin.
Usability: Practically begging for a goblant colony. 

Goblant Drone

Concept: “The Goblant Drone is a hybrid of a Goblin and a Giant Ant, and carries the Goblin curse.”
Content: A worker goblant.
Writing: Just mechanics. The name and depiction do all the work.
Art/design: Top half art, bottom half text. Back half ant, front half goblin. Ready to work.
Usability: It’s probably building the goblant colony. 

Goblant King

Concept: “Wearing only a loincloth and a child's tin crown, this abomination leads the Goblant colony. Armed with a skull-headed sceptre, he is itching for a good fight!”
Content: King of the goblants. Complete with tin crown and skull sceptre.
Writing: The origin of goblants revealed. Magic skull sceptre adds variety to the encounter.
Art/design: Top half art, bottom half text. Back half ant, front half goblin. 
Usability: A goblant colony waiting to happen. All it takes is one. 

Mörk Borg - Miseries - 1 page Minibook

Concept: “A 1 page mini-book of the 6 Miseries for Mork Borg. Instructions for cutting and folding are included.”
Content: “A physical prop to wave around and rant with!”
Writing: The Calendar of Nechrubel, transcribed from the Nameless Scriptures. 
Art/design: Hotel bible version.
Usability: Assembly instructions included. pdf and docx format are available. 

The Contender

Concept: “Having made your mark within the pugilism circuit in... you have decided to retire and become an adventurer (Scvm)” 
Content: A pugnacious pugilist with self-esteem issues.
Writing: You probably have a shady reputation, but you still dish out the old one-two.
Art/design: The classic, old-school, bare-knuckle boxer.
Usability: Easy to follow two-column structure. 

Unofficial Guide to the Mörk Borg Universe

Concept: “Mörk Borg and its “sister” games are all rules-lite RPGs that fit loosely under the Old School Revival or Renaissance (OSR) gaming movement. With a little bit of manipulation, any or all of these games can be mixed/blended/mashed-up.”
Content: A compilation of Mörk Borg's sister games.
Writing: A list of abilities, and their uses in the various games. A summary of the basic core mechanic.
Art/design: Plain text.
Usability: Contains links to the home and license links of the 9 systems included in this guide for those who want to play or design for these systems. 

Vaucanson's Tomb

Concept: “‘If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck...’”
A reliquary guarded by duck constructs
Describes the room, contents, and triggers for the mechan-ducks
Conservative 2-column layout with typographical variation for texture; includes a map and illustration
Includes multiple triggers and outcomes for duck death
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