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Cast Away

Concept: “Souls will grow and wither as the ages pass, joining the sand that welcomes new, desperate Castaways to its shores.” 
Content: Standalone island survival horror. Full of mysteries, afflictions, and terrors both supernatural and mercilessly mundane.
Writing: A gorgeous set of core mechanics to keep your Castaways tired, injured, hungry, and desperate. With a whimsically brooding setting that will leave them feeling haunted and curious.
Art/design: A collection of soft and vibrant illustrations (often recontextualized) with haunting marginalia builds the sense of wonder and suspense matching the setting's tone.
Usability: Pragmatically organized for reference and play. 

Dark Fortean Times: A Snarl of Corpses

Concept: “A Snarl of Corpses Dams the River is a deadly terrain trap that forces players to push their luck and make hard decisions under pressure.”
Content: An alchemical accident, a corpse dam, an impending flood, and the rise of the corpse king.
Writing: A simple core concept with delightfully foul framing to make for a truly unique disaster.
Art/design: A floodwater of corpse illustration. Purposeful typographic choices distinguish descriptive versus mechanical text.
Usability: A fair balance between dynamic design elements and accessibility. 

Fortune Teller Weather Delay

Concept: “Pick flap to open and read the weather delay!”
Content: A folding fortune teller of seasonal weather.
Writing: Seasons, numbers, d2s, and d4s.
Art/design: Nostalgic design that invokes playground memories.
Usability: Print and fold into a paper fortune teller for best worst results. 


Concept: “Anthelia’s patience is growing thin…”
Content: A frigid cavern-crawl in search of color, with treasure the world is not prepared for.
Writing: A case of courtly intrigue, frigid madness, and death in service of Anthelia’s greed.
Art/design: Darkly desaturated imagery, a familiar split column dungeon layout, a with top down minimap and sidebars.
Usability: Organized as a series of encounters in a mini-campaign.

GVix’s Mörktober 2023 – 31 Phantasmagoric Entries

Concept: "31 Phantasmagoric Entries”
Content: “A compilation of all my postcard-entries for Exeunt Press' MÖRKTOBER challenge”
Writing: An impish collection of grisly gifts, ghastly guests, and grim tables for rules and quests.
Art/design: Heavy-bordered postcards of inked and crosshatched illustrations in an array of bright uniform colors.
Usability: Available in individual postcard PDF, or advertisement spread png. 

Hexed Solo Rules to Die For

Concept: “an expansion to MÖRK BORG that allows players and Referees to randomly generate a hex crawl map to explore.” 
Content: Rules for hex map generation; tables for environs, weather, and encounters; creatures; three new scvm; and four void dieties.
Writing: Rules as preamble to hexes and tables full of misery fitting a Dying Land.
Art/design: Ornate headers for rules, plain headers for reference. Generated images in a variety of styles.
Usability: References Feretory, Heretic, and Solitary Defilement. Intended for use with a solo oracle. 

Rage Rain

Concept: “Crashing against skin and stone, its gentle violence blankets the earth.”
Content: A rainy day.
Writing: Flavor text that evokes a sense of tranquil violence. Mechanics that reveal the truth. 
Art/design: Visual elements and text combine to feel both ominous and tranquil.
Usability: Display font in flavor text may require some effort.

The Cult of the Black Salt

Concept: “Ever wanted to use that black salt table from Feretory?” 
Content: A salty, corpse-strung scaffold crawl.
Writing: An event-based framework to explore a surprisingly constructive death cult.
Art/design: A defiantly tortured figure is scaffolded to the top of this simple text spread.
Usability: Requires Feretory. Print Friendly

The Escort

Concept: “Esther will pay you with money, information or a rare cursed scroll. All you have to do is to escort her to the church. That’s it. Really.”
Content: An escort mission. Really.
Writing: “Like, really slow. Painfully slow. Pain. Fully. Slow.”
Art/design: I can tell from the art that Esther is a real charmer. The layout is too.
Usability: Use at your own risk. Players will get impatient. Antics will ensue. 


Concept: “A castle on a hill in the middle of nowhere unknowingly bringing about THE END.” 
Content: A season-skipping, Misery-inducing, gold-grabbing, castle-side family reunion crawl.
Writing: Interesting family dynamics, the dreaded Economicon, and a surprising number of brothers-in-law.
Art/design: Stylized text which combines splashes of high-contrast emphasis with an overall print-friendly design
Usability: Yes, the QR code works. 

Weathered Harbinger

Concept: “Born to weather any storm, you fear no weather and embrace the power within it.”
Content: A meteorologist, the worst kind of scvm. 
Writing: Innovative incorporation of the miserable weather table from the core rules.
Art/design: Surrealist cover art, weathered character illustration, and a persistent drizzle of text. 
Usability: Available compressed/uncompressed as pages or spreads. 
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