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30 Days of MÖRK BORG, Adventure Chapbook Vol. 4: Something Rotten in Göthewig

Concept: “Established three generations ago by tax scofflaws from Schleswig, this mercantile utopia teeters on ruin”
Content: A three-act city crawl of procedurally crumbling districts and five dilapidated adventure sites. 
Writing: Moldering descriptions of urban decay blend with a malaise of frustration and angst to characterize the collapse of a culture fueled by greed.
Art/design: Haunting depictions of crumbling infrastructure and desperate souls contained in a dynamic and visually stimulating design.   
Usability: Accessible and easy-to-reference adventure design. 

Blood-drenched encounters

Concept: “Blood can be the most potent source of neurosis for the human mind” 
Content: Six monsters, three artifacts, six new scrolls, a wasting disease, and a trap. Oh, and buckets of blood.
Writing: A fair balance of stylistic description and mechanics. Viscous but unclotted.
Art/design: A gory art collection in comic style. Familiar blackletter styling on yellow and black.
Usability: The blackletter is scaled with its level of decoration for legibility. 

Blood-Fueled Automation

Concept: “Of inscrutable origin and of unfathomable power, your chassis absorbs the blood of the living.”
Content: A blood-drinking robotic scvm.
Writing: Mechanically precise though not as soulless and inflexible as its titular subject.
Art/design: Superior in design, though not of machine precision. With a menacing full-color character illustration.
Usability: Ready to rip and tear. 


Concept: “Inspired by the hit video game Bloodborne by FromSoftware... Blodborg is a mashup of the lore and combat systems of these two grimdark fantasy worlds.”
Content: Eight classes, thirty-one monstrosities, and twenty “trick” weapons adapted from Bloodborne.
Writing: Faithfully transplants its bloody pathogens into the Dying Lands.
Art/design: Dark brooding design elements complement weathered and warped illustrations. 
Usability: Bordered text can be difficult to read without increasing resolution. 

Crypt of the Antropophage

Concept: “Deep beneath the catacombs of Graven-Tosk, behind a blood-stained door, a madman works alone…”
Content: “a blood-soaked dungeon of death and depravity”
Writing: Gory, gonzo, goofy, and peculiarly congruent. With a timer that’s sure to rupture a blood vessel or two.
Art/design: Bloody crimson spot illustrations garnish a spread of vibrant red and white text.
Usability: Blood tokens and the map are recommended but not required.

Crypt of the Ten Fates

Concept: “Help your players be more badass…or kill themselves in even more creative ways!” 
Content: Advanced “What’s in the box?”
Writing: Includes “Insert Travel & Ritual Sacrifice Montage”, and ten miserable fates.
Art/design: Yellow, black, and pink in a practiced, simple, and humorous style.
Usability: Very yellow, not to be taken seriously. 

Cult of the Blood God

Content: A drug-fueled, rage-filled, blood-slick temple crawl—and berserker death race.
Writing: A lovingly crafted starter adventure, that guides new scvm through a bloodthirsty rage dungeon.
Art/design: Cunningly designed mini-maps, clever symbols, and layout blend utility and aesthetics seamlessly.
Usability: Not quite printer-friendly, but as legible as it is gorgeous.

Dread Nights

6 contributors
Concept: “Honest work for those with a death wish, a lack of fear, or just desperate enough to do anything.” 
Content: A standalone gaslamp era gothic horror expansion for Forbidden Psalm, including 15 creatures of the night, infections, and a gothic horror themed campaign of grisly nocturnal scenarios.
Writing: Familiar horror tales stalk just beyond the illumination provided by clear mechanics and crisp scenarios.
Art/design: An elegantly restrained palette of red, black, and white. Shadowed by macabre illustrations in a variety of styles.
Usability: Clear index, reliable sections, quick reference, roster sheets, and consistent formatting make it a utilitarian wargaming rulebook. 

Duncan Hall’s Mörktober 2023 – 31 Tables & Trivilities

Concept: Duncan Hall’s Little Mörktober Calendar of Horrors.
Content: “31 random generators, monsters, items, and so forth made throughout the month of October 2023.”
Writing: A tortuous elaboration from its initial prompts, full of wit and wretchedness.
Art/design: Sketches, photo bashes, full-color illustrations, and doodles in a filthy day calendar format.
Usability: Most fun when printed on a sticky note calendar. 


Concept: “An ever growing bleeding serpent.”
Content: A masochistic mob.
Writing: Clinical depictions of mortifying marches and penitential parades to Galgenbeck. Mechanics that guarantee misery to friends and enemies alike.
Art/design: Mechanical text is splattered in sanguineous hues while claustrophobic descriptive text like the crush of expiating bodies.
Usability: Mechanics isolated for easy reference. 

Flail to the Face Episode 7 Companion

6 contributors
Concept: “In honor of our seventh episode of Flail to the Face, we give you d20 Random Things Behind Closed Doors” 
Content: D20 reasons to just close the door and pretend it never happened.
Writing: Absurd scenarios delivered with believably serious specificity.
Art/design: Text that frames some serious mahogany, with stained glass that lets in no light.
Usability: As a reward for the over-enthusiastic door checker. 

Flesh Bound

Concept: “Only one body may bear their shared flesh at any time, while the other lies a corpse, awaiting... Carry your corpse upon your back.” 
Content: A sublimating set of alchemical half-twins.
Writing: For that player who insists on playing two PCs to balance a small party.
Art/design: Ink splatter and a judicious print capture human sublimation in romanticized and painterly detail.
Usability: Available in PDF or JPG. 

GVix’s Mörktober 2023 – 31 Phantasmagoric Entries

Concept: "31 Phantasmagoric Entries”
Content: “A compilation of all my postcard-entries for Exeunt Press' MÖRKTOBER challenge”
Writing: An impish collection of grisly gifts, ghastly guests, and grim tables for rules and quests.
Art/design: Heavy-bordered postcards of inked and crosshatched illustrations in an array of bright uniform colors.
Usability: Available in individual postcard PDF, or advertisement spread png. 

Harkast’s Unclean Chants

Concept: “Inside you will find eleven unclean rituals to soil your game, written by Harkast the Alchemist himself as he roamed the tombs of Graven-Tosk.”
Content: A grimoire of eleven dark rituals from a miserable, dying world. 
Writing: Obscure and meticulous rites of ruinously specific purpose.
Art/design: Diagram’s and illustrations of unclean rituals and materia.
Usability: Technically not powers. 

Helm of Awe

Concept: “Enter as three and be free”
Content: A Norse myth puzzle crawl.
Writing: Encounters that heavily reference mythological events and figures.
Art/design: A map and protective ward.
Usability: More likely to confound the enemies of the Æsir.
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