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Arcane Intelligence Claw Curse

Concept: “#MÖRKTOBER 3: CLAW” 
Content: Your new claw is sharp, probably sharper than you.
Writing: Swift and cutting claw mechanics.
Art/design: Teeth and claws, it’s Nohr’s whole thing.
Usability: “People instinctively dislike you.” 

Flail to the Face Episode 7 Companion

6 contributors
Concept: “In honor of our seventh episode of Flail to the Face, we give you d20 Random Things Behind Closed Doors” 
Content: D20 reasons to just close the door and pretend it never happened.
Writing: Absurd scenarios delivered with believably serious specificity.
Art/design: Text that frames some serious mahogany, with stained glass that lets in no light.
Usability: As a reward for the over-enthusiastic door checker. 

Hand of the King

Concept: “Tradition dictates that you nail a HAND of the previous monarch to your clock, or even your body.”
Content: A right-hand scvm who still wears (and wields) the authority of their dead liege.
Writing: A gripping collection hands, puns, and references. Sure to leave your fingers itching for more.
Art/design: The yellowing right hand of the king, bloodily pinned to the advisor. Pink and blue linework contrast the hard black textbox.
Usability: Give yourself a pat on the back and decide where the Kings of Treel live. 

Holy Migol Ratipede

Concept: “Holy Migol Ratipede” 
Content: You know what a ratipede is, right?
Writing: Written to honestly just get worse the more you engage with it. 
Art/design: Kind of friendly looking for a horrible little many-limbed death-weasel.
Usability: A recursive little monster. 
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