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Arcane Intelligence Claw Curse

Concept: “#MÖRKTOBER 3: CLAW” 
Content: Your new claw is sharp, probably sharper than you.
Writing: Swift and cutting claw mechanics.
Art/design: Teeth and claws, it’s Nohr’s whole thing.
Usability: “People instinctively dislike you.” 


Concept: “Welcome to Beinfjäll, a dungeon set into a mountain in Bergen Chrypt. Let us take a wander through its halls and discover its secrets.” 
Content: A room a day Mörktober 2023 dungeon.
Writing: Decisive bulleted room descriptions establish clear ecology, encounter context, and pace.
Art/design: A dreary isometric map of giant vampire bones and horrible little surprises.
Usability: A Twitter thread mini-map (for now

Bogfolk’s Claw

Concept: “Do you think they have Old Bay seasoning in the dying world…?” 
Content: A big fvckin’ crab.
Writing: Tentative proof that crabs are the utilitarian end of all evolution.
Art/design: I'm pretty sure that crab is gnawing into a human torso. The crab is yellow, the flesh is pink.
Usability: In the Dying Lands, crab picks you. 

Bogfolk’s Forest

Concept: “Get lost in our Bog, stay a while, why don’t you?” 
Content: “A forest cursed by an ancient witch’s heart” and d6 places to encounter there.
Writing: Description and mechanics interact to establish the setting and each new environment.
Art/design: Bogdown forest looms in false color behind a dark window to the text. 
Usability: As a location generator for your random boggy encounters. 

Bogfolk’s Silver

Concept: “Picked up any silver? Good for you, NOW ROLL A D20!!!” 
Content: Like normal silver, but probably fvcked.
Writing: Seven shiny new miseries* for those greedy scvm.
Art/design: Cursed silver coins fall, casting angled shadows across a plastered page. 
Usability: *Not “Miseries” in that sense. That fate is sealed.  

Bogfolk’s Teeth

Concept: “We’ll be bringing new molars- er, morsels, of accursed content...” 
Content: Tooth extraction made easy.
Writing: Purposefully perilous dental operations for some twisted new teeth.
Art/design: Got that classic child skull look for extra tooth action.
Usability: Please don’t bite your dentist, it causes infection. 


Concept: “Close your eyes and don’t open them until all is quiet” 
Content: Grift's faceless.
Writing: Doesn't tell you what will happen if you open them.
Art/design: A very uncomfortable staring contest.
Usability: Don’t sleep in Eastern Grift.

Deep Into The Sarkash Forest

Concept: “Here is my track for this day #MÖRKTOBER 's prompt : Forest ! Hope you'll enjoy this Ambient/Folk-Horror sound!” 
Content: A sonorous, haunting, and full ambient track for walking the woods. 
Writing: It has a title, it’s fitting.
Art/design: A dark forested singles cover. A soft progression into droning choral soundscapes until their sudden and inevitable collapse.
Usability: To play at your table. 

Greyson’s Forest

Concept: “Find Mardach's garden and the moshruums within.” 
Content: A secret garden, of sorts. Plenty of fertilizer at least.
Writing: A legend, of unclear message, and plenty of textual evidence it’s about to go horribly wrong.
Art/design: Fuchsia fungi feed mustard trees near a fertilizer-free two-column layout.
Usability: “To be continued...” No, seriously. 

Greyson’s Silver

Concept: “They will never get ‘hold of my silver; though if they do, may they be sated forever.” 
Content: A chest of surprisingly heavy coins.
Writing: A narrative origin for a uniquely cursed chest. Greed is not good.
Art/design: A cheeky little silver coin sticks its tongue out at you. Rightly so scvm.
Usability: Protip – it's cursed. Get swol. 

Holy Migol Ratipede

Concept: “Holy Migol Ratipede” 
Content: You know what a ratipede is, right?
Writing: Written to honestly just get worse the more you engage with it. 
Art/design: Kind of friendly looking for a horrible little many-limbed death-weasel.
Usability: A recursive little monster. 

Johan’s Forest

Concept: “A mini adventure and a callback to Ancient Skin” 
Content: A desperately venomous little pointcrawl.
Writing: Head-turning depictions like, “At night they merge into one giant bird-snake."
Art/design: Miserable little trees, a filthy little creek, and a few other happy little accidents. 
Usability: A quick sketch for an in-media-res forest crawl. 

Mask of Scvm

Concept: “In the troll’s nest you find the...” 
Content: “Mask of Scvm” plus rules for when you’re boned.
Writing: Un-skeletal descriptions of skeletonification and a new way to die.
Art/design: A horny mask smiles over the bloody discharge of its latest charge.
Usability: For scvm who want to show off their bones. 


Concept: “A collection of grindcore songs created in one day each according to the prompts for Mörktober” 
Content: Screeching, grinding, violent sound, and frenetically apocalyptic rhythms.
Writing: Like they understood the prompts. 7:7 approaches.
Art/design: Harmonious but distorted script for a classic borderline dissonant sound.
Usability: For when shit. gets. real. 

Odd Gob’s Claw

Concept: “...the shelled behemoth leaves a trail of eldritch slime that oozes from the end of its massive limbs.” 
Content: A replicating pile of hallucinogenic tendrils encased in a dead crustacean.
Writing: Disturbing sensations lend character to a simple statblock.
Art/design: A hulking construct of clearly repurposed carapace dominates a pink and yellow shore-scape.
Usability: Available in a free and a paid version with additional abilities, history, and adventure prompts. 
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