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30 Days of MÖRK BORG, Adventure Chapbook Vol. 4: Something Rotten in Göthewig

Concept: “Established three generations ago by tax scofflaws from Schleswig, this mercantile utopia teeters on ruin”
Content: A three-act city crawl of procedurally crumbling districts and five dilapidated adventure sites. 
Writing: Moldering descriptions of urban decay blend with a malaise of frustration and angst to characterize the collapse of a culture fueled by greed.
Art/design: Haunting depictions of crumbling infrastructure and desperate souls contained in a dynamic and visually stimulating design.   
Usability: Accessible and easy-to-reference adventure design. 

Mörk Böurgeöisie

Concept: “Thank the discourse for this little gem.”
Content: An entitled mob for Mörk Borg.
Writing: “Shit. They really want to talk. The fucking GM is going to start doing accents.”
Art/design: Flippantly casual layout above illustrations of obnoxious finery.
Usability: Talk to them. Or don’t. You decide. 

Of Grey Matters

Concept: “There’s this strange wriggling sensation inside your ears and head.”
A scenario with stats for NPCs and, of course, mechanics for brainworms; optional content includes additional items and a monster as well as stats for Mausritter
Elevates sardonic cynicism to an artform
Linear layout punctuated by shocks of color
Easy to digest with well-placed stat blocks

Proceeds go toward curing brainworms IRL


Concept: “If you ever drink the water of Lake Onda...”
Content: A thirsty little throat parasite.
Writing: Some serious slow-burn body horror.
Art/design: Thirstworms hiding in their natural habitat—behind the boxed text.
Usability: Mechanically more disease than monster honestly. 

Parasite is My Name. Infection is My Game

“Five parasite-themed and infection-based weapons. Why? Because it is fun and will probably weird out the players.”

Parasitic Infestation at Flame Tongue Temple

Concept: “From the safety of her chamber… the Mother preaches of the gifts Consumer may bestow upon her luckiest of followers.”
Content: A tongue-gets-eat survival horror dungeon crawl. An arsenal of religious paraphernalia.
Writing: The history and rites of a mysterious cult. A cathedral turned labyrinth. A parasite that thrives in dark and wet places.
Art/design: Gritty gothic structure with occasional baroque elements. Illustrations which contrast in their perverse clarity.
Usability: Dark, light, and full color. Digital and printable options available. 


Concept: “The Queen is dead. Long live the Queen. She squats atop her silk throne”
Content: The end of an empire. A parasite deposed.
Writing: Many hooks and threads ensnare a micro setting at one instant in time.
Art/design: A tightly wound, regal design befitting a 700-year reign at an end.
Usability: Easy to navigate. Requires some translation at the table to be fully compatible. 

Sacred Parasites

Concept: “These heretic ideas are collected below the frayed parasol of corrupt religion and cute parasites”
7 new creatures, a living dungeon, occult-bugs-as-resources rules, and tables for effects of parasitization
Writing: Creature entries feature descriptive passages, stat blocks, and adventure hooks; overall, creative and effective
More traditional layouts with text balanced by facing-page illustrations; images are generally gritty (in the good way) and the rest of the graphic design follows suit
“Cute” is highly subjective, but definitely some interesting and creative creature concepts

Sinfested Schaller of Krypsis

“Time has passed and the followers are no more. In their place, these new strange parasites live.” 

The Temple of the Scattered God

Concept: “The god has fallen from the sky. Its giant body scattered. Some parts have been recovered and saved by the Kultists. Meet his brain, one eye, one foot, one hand and maybe more body parts in the underground temple!”
Content: A god crawl divided into parts.
Writing: Adaptive and dynamic encounter design make for more dynamic combat encounters.
Art/design: Disturbingly detailed map by Brian Yaksha, clear use of color to indicate rooms and features of interest, mini-map navigation, and stats incorporated into room description text.
Usability: OSR style abbreviations require some minor translations for Mörk Borg. 
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