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1d4 Diseases that afflict the weary traveller

Concept: “sleeping outside also puts you at the mercy of smaller monsters, of a different kind, of a different order.”  
Content: 1d4 diseases... well, two are parasites.
Writing: Full of enough flab, worms, and fleas to make your brain itch and your blood boil.
Art/design: Illustration of some sort of medical procedure, and a faint spattering of blood. With strong yellow highlights.
Usability: Definitely not sterile. But those yellow highlights shortcut to the rules. 

Blood-drenched encounters

Concept: “Blood can be the most potent source of neurosis for the human mind” 
Content: Six monsters, three artifacts, six new scrolls, a wasting disease, and a trap. Oh, and buckets of blood.
Writing: A fair balance of stylistic description and mechanics. Viscous but unclotted.
Art/design: A gory art collection in comic style. Familiar blackletter styling on yellow and black.
Usability: The blackletter is scaled with its level of decoration for legibility. 

Bonesaw Fairy

Concept: “the bonesaw fairy, of all fey the most scary.”  
Content: An entrepreneurial calcium collector.
Writing: A tidy little poem for a tiny carpenter of bones.
Art/Design: Pastel blue. Work Clothes. Tiny wings. Big Saw.
Usability: What are you waiting for? Carve up some scvm. 

D49 reasons the scvm is sticking together

Concept: “Why would you people even WANT to hang out together?” 
Content: 40 reasons for you scvm to come to the table.
Writing: A series of unceremonious prompts to bring your scvm closer together. 
Art/design: A wall of yellow and black text. Bright and bold.
Usability: Your bonds won’t save you, in the end. 

D69 games the scvm plays in-universe

“-They are playing a game. 
-What game ? 
Content: 60 names for 6 kinds of games to play, in-game. With basic resolution mechanics.
Writing: Snippy and evocative titles to inspire at the table. Simple resolution mechanics in case it doesn’t.
Art/design: Some gamers coming to blows over a poor result on the D69 table.
Usability: A quick, and bright yellow, reference tool. 

D69 Unusual, sinister or suspicious places to run into in the wild

Concept: “Some of those might be dangerous, or simply sinister.” 
Content: Things to back away from, slowly.
Writing: A collection of decorations, designed to stand out (and unnerve) in the middle of nowhere. 
Art/design: Six little tables, not in a row. 
Usability: That you can select from with a dice throw. Nice.

Fiendish food & hunger-related madness

Concept: “‘A food and cooking related supplement ideal for the alimentation of the wretched... Recommanded by 9 out of 10 dead prophets” 
Content: Misery and eateries. Roadside meals for scvm, The Meat Cult, cooking on the trail, heartburn (and worse), mushrooms, supplements, a menu, and a fucking demon.
Writing: Highly stylized, specific, darkly funny. Designed to generate those memorably Miserable moments scvm know and love, and to let players embrace their awful characters. 
Art/design: Crammed with all the provisions they could muster. A smorgasbord of fonts, illustrations, and layout structures.
Usability: Stylized, yes. Legible, mostly. Organized... better than it first appears. 


Concept: “You know what mimics are, you all know.” 
Content: The life-cycle of the Mimick, in stages.
Writing: Descriptions (and stat blocks) of distressingly increasing scope and scale. 
Art/design: Lightly distressed text with cheery pink illustrations to encourage you to let your guard down.
Usability: Print-friendly. If found in the wild, it’s probably a tiny mimick. 
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