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Bonesaw Fairy

Concept: “the bonesaw fairy, of all fey the most scary.”  
Content: An entrepreneurial calcium collector.
Writing: A tidy little poem for a tiny carpenter of bones.
Art/Design: Pastel blue. Work Clothes. Tiny wings. Big Saw.
Usability: What are you waiting for? Carve up some scvm. 

Dead Limbs

Concept: “Are you in need of another arm, leg, ear, or other bodily protrusion? Fear not!” 
Content: Replacement limbs, and what to do with them. Maybe also what they do to you.
Writing: Framed as research notes, compiled and annotated by a paranoid scvm.
Art/design: Anatomy study chic.
Usability: Intact and not too crazed. 


Concept: “The Fangüin move in unison, their collective presence evoking a sense of foreboding.”  
Content: Perfectly normal, collectively intelligent, color-draining aquatic birds.
Writing: A horrifying ecological survey of a mysterious Kergian fauna
Art/Design: A horde of Fangüin observe blood stains, anatomical drawings, and a dramatic title.
Usability: Be prepared to chop off your limbs. 

Greyson’s Silver

Concept: “They will never get ‘hold of my silver; though if they do, may they be sated forever.” 
Content: A chest of surprisingly heavy coins.
Writing: A narrative origin for a uniquely cursed chest. Greed is not good.
Art/design: A cheeky little silver coin sticks its tongue out at you. Rightly so scvm.
Usability: Protip – it's cursed. Get swol. 

Reclaim Your Corpse

“Your mind stews in total darkness 
Your ears listen to a busy bone saw 
You wake in a meat cart...” 
Content: “A quick meat-punk dungeon crawl”
Writing: A straightforward dungeon complicated by a few missing limbs and a follow-on hex crawl with the opportunity to earn a few more.
Art/design: Art and design reconstituted from constituent parts of varying styles.
Usability: Best not to take for granted the limb-itations of your scvm. 

The Flesh Monger

Concept: “‘Our morbid collection offers an opportunity for those brave enough—or desperate enough—to modify their own fragile existence.’”
Content: " Replacement body parts. 3x NPCs. A list of items and tools. A ‘Chance of Infection’ table. A mini post-TPK rebirth.”
Writing: A glorious abomination. Made up of funny, morbid, and delightfully strange parts. 
Art/design:  Grotesquely detailed illustrations, a splattering of display text, and a richly textured trifold.
Usability: Inverted text avoids casual player spoilers. Print-friendly or violent bright cover editions are available.  
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