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Cults of Galgenbeck

Concept: “It’s the end times, but that doesn’t mean you have to lie down and die! Get your head in the game.” 
Content: A 2-4 player hybrid dice/card game of fanatical cult leadership and desperate political machinations.
Writing: A stylistic delivery of mechanics that encourages the kind of foul play that cult leadership entails. 
Art/design: A fully distressed tri-fold pamphlet design with simple, and dramatic white text on a black background.
Usability: It will kill your printer, but it might just be worth it. 

D66 Grotesque People

12 contributors
Concept: “What do they want? And ... What might they have?” 
Content: A collection of unfortunate souls to probably stab.
Writing: Makes wonderfully clever use of the “Who... Wants... Has...” npc format. 
Art/design: A filthy riot of design. But it quickly establishes structure. 
Usability: As fvcking inspiration. 

Dead Limbs

Concept: “Are you in need of another arm, leg, ear, or other bodily protrusion? Fear not!” 
Content: Replacement limbs, and what to do with them. Maybe also what they do to you.
Writing: Framed as research notes, compiled and annotated by a paranoid scvm.
Art/design: Anatomy study chic.
Usability: Intact and not too crazed. 


Concept: “So you’ve finally done it. You got black out drunk and paid that weasel Hraxet for that plot of land with the graves … or was it the dilapidated building across from the butchers … or, well, whatever it is, it’s a shithole and definitely not worth the silver.”
Content: A shithole to place all your iKillya furniture.
Writing: Coarse textured and affectionately antagonistic. 
Art/design: A plaintext document and tables.
Usability: Housing that's so inadequate it’s nearly an adventure in itself. 

The Scvm Pages

Concept: “If you’re here, then you are in need of some help.
Help of the more… nefarious kind.”
Content: A collection of two classes to do your dirty work.
Writing: Depicted as wretched slaves to vice, with flaws weaponized for violence. The worst sort of scvm.
Art/design: Cover depicts a friendly debate over which scvm to hire. The Soulless Bailiff is devoid of character next to the bright yellow and purple layout provided him.
Usability: Drunken Pugilist provided in a plain text barebones edition.
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