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Jean Verne

Accursed Guardian

Concept: “Rumours in Anthelia’s court tell of a curse making the Shield immortal as long as the Countess remains unharmed...”
Content: Anthelia’s personal bodyguard.
Writing: An example of the cunning brutality one should expect in Anthelia’s court.
Art/design: An accursed guardian at the ready. Behind textual battlements of white and black.
Usability: Violence isn’t always the answer. 


Concept: “Some wizard, who couldn’t be bothered to light up a fire, decided to summon a fire demon and trap it in a lantern.”
Content: A very bored lantern.
Writing: Mischievous and open-ended. A spark to be ignited at your table. 
Art/design: A scvm reading a story to their demon lantern. Framed by boxed text 
Usability: Keep it occupied, or it will keep you occupied. 


Concept: “A bone taken from the body of a dead witch... it will burn until it is no longer needed.”
Content: A reliable firestarter and effective witch attractant.
Writing: Bare bones, practical, with just a spark of magic.
Art/design: Menacing witches overlook a clean engaging design.
Usability: Please burn responsibly. 

Brain Pest

Concept: “After eating some mushrooms from the depths of Sarkash, a tribe of goblins seems to have grown intelligent.
Content: Mushroom powered hyper intelligent goblins.
Writing: Mechanics provide an interesting abstraction of tactical superiority.
Art/design: Tiny goblins plague a victim behind the prominent text bars.
Usability: Bounty not included. 

Böwhoss’ handbook: notes on internal ignition

Concept: “In this volume you will find the most noteworthy, dangerous and strange encounters of my recent voyages.”
A variety of NPCs, monsters, and other hazards as well as a new scroll, a malevolent mushroom, an optional Misery-related madness, a relatively benign tavern, and a much less benign inn
The first-person POV and travelogue style have a folksy and often irreverent tone
Typefaces, engravings, and paintings reinforce the concept while other graphic elements lend some insidious and esoteric atmosphere
Includes player-facing handouts that include lore but no mechanics or GM-specific information

Cloud of Sinners

Concept: “Submit your players to a purity test by forcing them to fight their inner demons.”
A monster with stats based on the PC with the weakest Presence test
Evocative descriptive text with concise, clear writing and instruction in the tables
Clean, well-organized presentation with shocks of yellow for emphasis and visual guidance
Invites improvisation but also provides tables to roll characteristics


Concept: “This shady business has confused more than one necromancer.”
Content: A walking tree with a surprise inside.
Writing: A unique take on armor that reinforces an amusing concept.
Art/design: A dead tree creeps up behind boxed text.
Usability: Clean text boxes make for easy reference. 

Craving the Green

Concept: “A treasure is to be found in the ruins of the old castle on the mountain. […] Getting there will be pretty easy, but what you’ll find in the treasure might make the way down a bit tricky…”
A clever bait-and-switch—and then murder
Besides stat blocks for the 2-headed lizards, includes copious background and instructions for the GM
Use of color aligns the text with the graphic and provides conservative emphasis to help the GM quickly navigate the document
A unique, rules-lite dynamic for navigating and resolving the central conflict

Crypt Guard

Concept: “He fashioned himself an armour with the tombs of his loved ones... It was highly impractical but terribly efficient”
Content: “Heavy” Armor.
Writing: -1d6+2. What more do you want?
Art/design: A menacing tomb gate stands closed before our boxed text. 
Usability: It's also DR+4 to all Agility tests except defense. 

D66 Grotesque People

12 contributors
Concept: “What do they want? And ... What might they have?” 
Content: A collection of unfortunate souls to probably stab.
Writing: Makes wonderfully clever use of the “Who... Wants... Has...” npc format. 
Art/design: A filthy riot of design. But it quickly establishes structure. 
Usability: As fvcking inspiration. 

Dagger of Crimson Melodies

Concept: “The blade of this dagger is engraved with blank sheet music. As soon as the dagger tastes the blood...”
Content: Blood pumping musical dagger.
Writing: Steady mechanical escalation with a bloody surprise. 
Art/design: Background illustration of music. Yellow, white, and black.
Usability: Put on your favorite tracks. 

Erroneous Revelations

Concept: “He experimented a lot with divination, mainly trying to make it easier, often at the cost of accuracy.”
Content: A scroll to bring about an unlikely future.
Writing: Hilariously un-prophetic.
Art/design: Serious layout belies decidedly humorous contents.
Usability: Specificity adds to the hilarity. 

FantasticJean's Misery's Keep

Concept: “an independent production by Jean Verne… hastening the final Misery” 
Content: A miserable keep-crawl, redecorated, again.
Writing: A dastardly villain, a towering castle, treasure to steal, and dolls… 
Art/design: A magazine print production, depicting the keep through a surrealist collection of public domain imagery.
Usability: Functional, accessible, and visually rich. 

Fiery Joust

Concept: “A patch of scorched land... a dueling circle... reclaimed by local villagers but for much less dignified purposes.”
Content: Bare-Knuckle boxing for fun and profit.
Writing: Effective mechanics and engaging lore.
Art/design: Some poor scvm with a block of text for a head.
Usability: Great little downtime event to while away the Miseries. 
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