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Concept: “I made the artist Backxwash into a boss encounter… I shared it on Twitter and she liked it”
Content: An undying banshee who will rip your heart out.
Writing: A voice that will burn you to ashes. Hands that will tear right through you. She’s about as boss as it gets.
Art/design: The mork-ification of Lady Backxwash. A cautionary scrawl about her fucking hands.
Usability: Dangerous abilities and resurrection make for a recurring villain for any campaign. 

Basilisk Cries

“Deep within the Bergen Chrypt, in the darkest pits, close to where SHE has simultaneously birthed and abandoned her blasphemous progeny… some wanker is playing with guitar effects.”

Dagger of Crimson Melodies

Concept: “The blade of this dagger is engraved with blank sheet music. As soon as the dagger tastes the blood...”
Content: Blood pumping musical dagger.
Writing: Steady mechanical escalation with a bloody surprise. 
Art/design: Background illustration of music. Yellow, white, and black.
Usability: Put on your favorite tracks. 

Deep Into The Sarkash Forest

Concept: “Here is my track for this day #MÖRKTOBER 's prompt : Forest ! Hope you'll enjoy this Ambient/Folk-Horror sound!” 
Content: A sonorous, haunting, and full ambient track for walking the woods. 
Writing: It has a title, it’s fitting.
Art/design: A dark forested singles cover. A soft progression into droning choral soundscapes until their sudden and inevitable collapse.
Usability: To play at your table. 

Duncan Hall’s Mörktober 2023 – 31 Tables & Trivilities

Concept: Duncan Hall’s Little Mörktober Calendar of Horrors.
Content: “31 random generators, monsters, items, and so forth made throughout the month of October 2023.”
Writing: A tortuous elaboration from its initial prompts, full of wit and wretchedness.
Art/design: Sketches, photo bashes, full-color illustrations, and doodles in a filthy day calendar format.
Usability: Most fun when printed on a sticky note calendar. 


Concept: “Ecdysis / (ˈɛkdɪsɪs) /the periodic shedding of the cuticle in insects and other arthropods” 
Content: A sonorous ascension from the depths of Sarkash.
Writing: An emergent horror vignette of insular cults and deep dark secrets.
Art/design: A consistent scratched and blotted illustration style the projects clear menace and dread. You can almost hear it.
Usability: Strong visual styling that does not hamper its utility. 

False Prophecies

Concept: An album of dungeon synth and dark ambient tracks with accompanying adventure
A physical manifestation of the Sword of Hailstone game app
Provides mechanics for navigating the frozen wastes and lore and stat blocks for what you’ll find along the way
Art/design: Masterfully puzzles the game content into the relatively small space of a fold-out cassette case
Pairs well with Sword of Hailstone materials, which include a fold-out hex map

GVix’s Mörktober 2023 – 31 Phantasmagoric Entries

Concept: "31 Phantasmagoric Entries”
Content: “A compilation of all my postcard-entries for Exeunt Press' MÖRKTOBER challenge”
Writing: An impish collection of grisly gifts, ghastly guests, and grim tables for rules and quests.
Art/design: Heavy-bordered postcards of inked and crosshatched illustrations in an array of bright uniform colors.
Usability: Available in individual postcard PDF, or advertisement spread png. 

Hatred OST

Concept: “music to play on the background of grim dungeon dives.”
Content: Four dark ambient MIDI style tracks.
Writing: n/a
Art/design: A Giger-esque album illustration in yellow and black.
Usability: Droning electronic notes enhance misery without drowning table conversation. Available in mp3 format.

in the wood, beside the library

“Dredged up from a forgotten grave outside the Black Library of Galgenbeck.”

The official theme song of ELMB

Mork Borg: 1st Apokalypse

“The full album video - minimal, experimental, atmospheric blackened drone doom metal. Inspired by and based on the tabletop RPG, Mork Borg, by Pelle Nilsson and Johan Nohr.”


Concept: “A collection of grindcore songs created in one day each according to the prompts for Mörktober” 
Content: Screeching, grinding, violent sound, and frenetically apocalyptic rhythms.
Writing: Like they understood the prompts. 7:7 approaches.
Art/design: Harmonious but distorted script for a classic borderline dissonant sound.
Usability: For when shit. gets. real. 

Nobunaga's Black Castle - “Kuroyuri”

neko.yanagii 氏による、和とドゥームメタルを融合させた意欲的な楽曲、全6曲が収録されています。
 (A total of 6 ambitious songs that fuse Japanese and doom metal by neko.yanagii. The booklet also includes one Nobunaga's Black Castle scenario written by Yusuke Tokida.)”
Content: 6 heavy Japanese doom-metal & electronica fusion songs. With an included Nobunaga’s Black Castle scenario.
Writing: The music’s amazing. Couldn’t translate the scenario though, but it looks awesome.
Art/design: A rich, energetic, and dark tapestry that captures the energy of the album.
Usability: Listen, and drink in the death.

Putrescence Regnant

9 contributors
Concept: “Targ-Dungel. A festering wound upon a dying world. Time and space warp within the malodorous miasma. … This, cursed walker, is where you must go. Into the blight. Into the cold, damp mire.”
A bog crawl and soundtrack filled with sludge, corpses, and brutality; also includes the Gilded Wolf character class
The prose resurrects the core book’s weird imagery and ominous tone; mechanics text is accessible and easy to use
The Mörk Borg style we know and love, but left to putrefy in a swamp
Places three factions in explicit large-scale conflict, creating a complex backdrop for players to explore and GMs to exploit

Soundtrack: available on Spotify
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