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Official content

Ancient Skin

Concept: “One of you dregs is plagued with a maddening itch and not only that – the skin is starting to rot. They say Mausoleum Knutha, on the edge of the graveyard Graven-Tosk, holds the only known cure.”
A complex and variable (not to mention twisted) crawl through Sarkash
Efficient but vivid descriptions of locations and inhabitants punctuated by grim wit
Marvelous maps; type design helps map the connections amongst locations and items
Provides checkboxes to track variables (but if you mark this pamphlet, you’re a heathen and you deserve whatever misery befalls you)
*Backer reward for original Kickstarter campaign; special thanks to Johan for providing a copy of this rare little gem

Character Sheets: CHRYPT EDITION

Concept: “In case you run out of the regular character sheet or just really dislike it for whatever reason”
An alternative but still official character sheet to use/burn/etc.
Clearly labeled blocks for stats, gear, etc.; the rest is DIY
Clean, clear art and typography puzzled together to create a dynamic but cohesive visual whole
Available in English and Svenska

Dark Fort

Concept: “The catacomb rogue enters the stage.”
A solo dungeon crawler; useful as a generator alongside Mörk Borg’s GM tools
Clear and concise; primarily mechanical but with bits of effective descriptive text
More traditional than Mörk Borg’s, but still atmospheric
Extremely efficient layout

Death Temple Sztun

Concept: A “hyper-linear murder gauntlet of a dungeon crawl”
Some nasty creatures and permanent effects (including abrupt deaths)
Concisely creates a strange, ominous atmosphere
Maps are clear without sacrificing visual style
Color and typography strongly supports easy navigation

Backer reward for the Feretory funding campaign


Concept: “A massively expanded version of the generator found in the back of the core rulebook”
Dungeons both many and varied
On par with what you’d expect from demi-official Mörk Borg content
Elegantly presented
GMs will have to arrange and map the dungeon, but the key pieces are all there

This entry was sponsored by Davide Cavadini as part of the Ex Libris RPG crowdfunding campaign.

Graven-Tosk Gravöl

Concept: “Brewed by twice-dead druug monks in dank Grift chambers. Imbibed only at funerals or heretical sacrificial rituals.”
A Mörk Borg Smoked Stout as black as Nechrubel’s heart.
Writing: Gritty as Gravöl
Art/design: Dark, bold, graven, heretical.
Usability: Stjørdal and Gotlandsdricka malts, foraged juniper, all run through a traditional Kuurna. Available in Cognition's taproom in Ishpeming, MI. Worth a trip.

Membrane of Sarkantha & Sarcopha-ghost

Concept: “Two devilish hazards every death-defying dungeon delver must learn to avoid.”
A living(ish) doorway trap and a melancholic spirit
Adds dimension and depth to concepts
Illustrations express the monsters’ ephemerality
It’s hard to screw up a Mörk Borg stat block 

Monsters Based on The Binding of Isaac

Concept: “Six unholy monsters from the wonderful roguelike video game”
Fundamentally messed up and right at home in Mörk Borg
Provides inspiring descriptions and dynamics
The videogame’s graphics adapted to Mörk Borg’s aesthetic
Six clearly delineated stat blocks

Mörk Borg: Bare Bones Edition

Content: A graphics resistant, plain-text, free version of Mörk Borg
Writing: Mörk Borg, just the text please.
Art/design: Decidedly un-hostile design. Warning—Contains banging cover art.
Usability: Can’t complain about legibility anymore. Still flammable when printed. 

Mörk Borg Miniatures

6 contributors
Concept: “We agreed to make this happen, and things were quickly descending into madness.”  
Content: “19 MINIATURES + a pile of crap”
Writing: Probably needed to occur to make such delicious sculpts happen.
Art/Design: Deviously Dynamic. Disturbingly detailed. 
Usability: Soak in dish-soap overnight. Scrub. Remove any flash. Use instant glue. Misery.  

Nightguest Bird

Concept: “This horse sized cadaver-like bird moves soundlessly, sneaking into bed chambers at night to inject the sleeping with paralyzing venom”
Content: A bird, who paralyzes, and always wins initiative. 
Writing: Yet more proof that nice names usually denote horrible creatures.
Art/design: Screenshot and discord text.
Usability: Probably inspired by someone's Elden Ring nightmares. 

Official Character Sheet

Concept: “In the dying world of MÖRK BORG your character will probably not last long, so it might be a good idea to print some of these.”
The official Mörk Borg character sheet
Includes handy references for carrying capacity, Powers, and Omens
Well organized without sacrificing ethos and atmosphere

Official versions available in English, Swedish, Italian, French

Brazilian Portuguese editable character sheet by Arthur Burity Rosa

Putrescence Regnant

9 contributors
Concept: “Targ-Dungel. A festering wound upon a dying world. Time and space warp within the malodorous miasma. … This, cursed walker, is where you must go. Into the blight. Into the cold, damp mire.”
A bog crawl and soundtrack filled with sludge, corpses, and brutality; also includes the Gilded Wolf character class
The prose resurrects the core book’s weird imagery and ominous tone; mechanics text is accessible and easy to use
The Mörk Borg style we know and love, but left to putrefy in a swamp
Places three factions in explicit large-scale conflict, creating a complex backdrop for players to explore and GMs to exploit

Soundtrack: available on Spotify

Reference Sheet

Concept: “You should never feel the need to flip through the book while you’re killing PCs.”
Mörk Borg’s core rules on a single page
Clear and concise
The standard version puts emphasis on efficiency without sacrificing the characteristic aesthetics; available in printer-friendly and minimal versions
A model of usability

Official: English, Swedish
Reglas de Mörk Borg en Español by Unlucky Tales

Scorned Sir Lort’s Bloodgaol Blade

Concept: “On a 1: Sir Lort’s dreaded head flies off, rolling away..”
Content: A sword with a zombie head on it.
Writing: Simple, elegant, and effective mechanics.
Art/design: A gorgeously filthy incapacitated head on a greatsword. 
Usability:  Gorgeously hand-drawn. 
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