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Concept: “You find a well equipped corpse along the side of the road. It has no face. When you examine it more closely it breathes to you ‘don't pretend that I'm not alive’... ‘Find the stone circle, stop the Baphomets before they kill us all’”
Content: A phantom limb crawl.
Writing: A story-driven dungeon crawl of possession, exorcism, maggots, entrails, rituals, and blood.
Art/design: Grisly isometric map enshrined in vinyl, gruesome cover, and a track listing of an adventure layout.
Usability: Easy to read, simple to navigate, trivial to compel your scvm with a good old-fashioned possession. 

Ashes of Käsedorf

Concept: “You crawl from the ruins of Käsedorf with a grudge... Go now, while you still have the strength to make a difference.” 
Content: A beast hunting, rubble looting, post-battle ruin crawl.
Writing: A classic silver-chasing hexcrawl with a surprising level of motivation and intrigue.
Art/design: Vibrantly recolored and overlaid prints produce an impressionistic collage.
Usability: Organized into rough narrative sections to aid in reference during play. 


Concept: “Guidelines for starting, growing, and extinguishing fires. All on a 4x6 index card.” 
Content: More fuel for the fire.
Writing: A core usage-die-based fire tending mechanic, with flexible modifiers to (hopefully) prevent things spiraling out of control...
Art/design: Printed text in an index card format.
Usability: Distressed text effect requires reading with care. 

Flail to the Face Episode 1 Companion

Concept: “In honor of our inaugural episode of Flail to the Face” 
Content: “we give you two items created within the episode: the Shit Wig and the Red Hot Crowbar.”
Writing: Tantalizingly hilarious out of context, like an inside joke you want to get in on.
Art/design: Heavy black with yellow text. Both crowbar and wig illustrations have been dutifully recolored.
Usability: I’m sure you’ll find a good reason to pull these out. 

Forbidden Psalm: Medieval Marginalia

Concept: “From the margins of ancient lore come forth horrors to
twist your mind and burn your eyes.”
Content: A menagerie of misbegotten marginalia and their mischievous meddlings. 
Writing: Hilariously unpredictable marginalia burn down the house.
Art/design: Simple and restrained design to showcase gorgeously dreamlike miniatures.
Usability: Strong illustrations in a consistent layout aid rule reference. 


Concept: “Come one! Come all! The Freakshow is in town! We have creatures from all over the dying world. Creatures from beyond Bergen Chrypt. Even some from realms not our own. Gather close, listen up, because your in for a wild ride.” 
Content: The wickhead lifecycle, illuminated.
Writing: Frankly, murderous. Violence deified and made manifest.
Art/design: Jagged text and forcefully carved collage work.
Usability: Stylized body text sacrifices some legibility. Probably on a bloody altar. 

Frusna Norr

Concept: “By greed, courage, or stupidity, you find yourself mounting the Frozen Steppe; should you survive, its contents are yours. Beware, though, for it is said the King still holds Frostkeep, and he dislikes unannounced guests.”
Content: A frigid castle crawl.
Writing: A series of tangible room descriptions and intangible encounters detail the sombre history of this frigid place..
Art/design: A lightly textured black and white layout with dynamic typographic elements and sharp spot illustrations.
Usability: Also available in an untextured print-friendly version.

Indiscriminate Igniter

Concept: “push your luck to get what you want, all at the cost of setting yourself on fire.” 
Content: A spontaneously combustible Scvm.
Writing: Inflammatory, in a literal way. Say no to omens. Say yes to fire. Burn entire regions.
Art/design: Scorched red and black illustration complements a clean structured class layout. Inky black optional rules section portents the fresh miseries that await the dying world.
Usability: Designed for games with the optional omen mechanic but would work fine without them. 

Infernal Knave

“A You were cleansed by fire, that now live inside you.
You are the unholy torch.
The world will be consumed by your flame.”
Content: A flame-obsessed, thoroughly-possessed scvm.
Writing: A potent and utilitarian array of infernal blessings make for a surprisingly flexible class.
Art/design: Mörk Borg Cult classic two-column layout. No class image.
Usability: Stylized headings establish hierarchy and contrast clean legible body text.

Plague Pit Practitioner

Concept: “The pestilence doesn't dissuade you from your duty. This is what you were made to do, shepherd the dying and immolate the dead. Anything to stop the spread.”
Content: An enthusiastic epidemiologist.
Writing: The medieval prepper’s treatise on disease, with surprisingly little malpractice.
Art/design: Rich UV-purple sterilizes a precarious plague-doctor.
Usability: Certainly not inhumane.

Tame Your Demons

Concept: “‘Come! Come! Sit with me. Let us bask in the glorious light of the Prescient Flame. Gaze into its depths. The Flame sees all. What do you see?’ 
—Seskel the Flamekeeper” 
Content: A tallow-melting, candle-burning, demon-facing altar crawl.
Writing: An atmospheric and sensory experience suitable to horror and suspense.
Art/design: A single-column adventure with simple spot illustrations and a clear top-down dungeon map.
Usability: Organized and system neutral, with stats for Mörk Borg and 5e D&D. 

Twisted Firestarter

but most call you Tim.” 
Content: Tim. A real self-starter.
Writing: Ranges somewhere between birthday candles and cigarette burns.
Art/design: Tim boldly attempts to send his address — by smoke signal.
Usability: Orderly, high contrast, black and white. With just a hint of red.
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