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A Less Spiky Flail to the Face

Content: Painfully expanded rules for not dying (ever).
Writing: The kind that makes you wish you were dead (in a good way?).
Art/design: Bright pink and pallid blue false color illustration on a field of yellow and black. The spikes have been crossed out.
Usability: References “Death is not an Escape” by Wayward Polyhedral. 


Concept: “You find a well equipped corpse along the side of the road. It has no face. When you examine it more closely it breathes to you ‘don't pretend that I'm not alive’... ‘Find the stone circle, stop the Baphomets before they kill us all’”
Content: A phantom limb crawl.
Writing: A story-driven dungeon crawl of possession, exorcism, maggots, entrails, rituals, and blood.
Art/design: Grisly isometric map enshrined in vinyl, gruesome cover, and a track listing of an adventure layout.
Usability: Easy to read, simple to navigate, trivial to compel your scvm with a good old-fashioned possession. 


Concept: “‘Then, i was lost in madness and servitude of the abomination, merely existing, becoming one of them...’ 
-Last shrieking of Monseigneur inquisitor Mattheulomew the cruel, before mutating into a fobophage.”
Content: Mind-controlling body-snatching brain parasites for Forbidden Psalm.
Writing: A simple and largely un-sophistic in its babble
Art/design: A heavy collage of tentacles and brains over preserved manuscripts. Text elements seem intentionally obfuscated with existing text and illustrations.
Usability: Just usable enough. 

It Conquered the Dying World

Concept: “Its name—unpronounceable; its language—indecipherable; its aim—World domination!”
Content: A creature out of B-Movie science fiction.
Writing: Weighty (Overblown?) proclamations of DOOM. No stats, just the whining.
Art/design: A grungy yellow B-Movie poster with a wrinkly conical self-insert character.
Usability: Rugose Kohn may, in fact, be "a hyper-intelligent, inter-dimensional monstrosity". 

Kult of the Ouroboros

Concept: “In the sacred sanctuary, Job patiently awaits, extending an offer of transcendence and deliverance from the ever-watchful gaze of oblivion.” 
Content: A karmic snake kult crawl.
Writing: Full of moral quandaries your scvm will probably ignore, which might arguably be for the best. Transcendence is subjective.
Art/design: Delightfully detailed overhead map, and characterful NPC illustrations stylistically placed highlight a structured two-column adventure layout.
Usability: Minimalist minimap makes for easy room orientation reference during play. 

Odd Gob’s Mask

Concept: “A fleshy mask of unknown origin... It delights in making its wearers speak profanities at inopportune times.” 
Content: A manipulative mask that just won’t let you go.
Writing: A curse description befitting a dramatic image.
Art/design: A grinning demonic mask visually tethered to an unfortunate scvm. 
Usability: Includes separate artifact illustration. 

The Three Towers of Flägash the Undying

Concept: “A cult has taken up residence in a group of towers on the outskirts of the city of Grift.”
Content: A cult-fueled tower-crawl. With thrills, spills, and gravity-defying wills.
Writing: A responsive and versatile adventure style. With mechanics that reinforce a narrative of subtle and contagious cult reprogramming.
Art/design: A dreary affair, punctuated by the occasional otherworldly shadow or psychedelic highlight. 
Usability: Uneven two-column layout and mini-maps aid in table reference. Additional tools provided to assist in bookkeeping for the central adventure mechanic. 

Vessel of the Formless One

Concept: “you have been chosen by a formless deity as their vessel, their voice and their harbinger; forced to spread their dreadful gospel.”
Content: A vessel without a cause… with eight deific parasites.
Writing: More dynamic than an empty vessel has any right to be. 
Art/design: An umbral figure regards thin and vacuous text, lightly adorned by blood of a formless god given flesh.
Usability: Emaciated, but legible text. 
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