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6: Aberrant Almanac

Concept: “a small but vicious pamphlet bestiary.”
Content: “6 dangerous entities to make your scvms’ life 66% more grim.”
Writing: Folkloric in the dark, foreboding, and principled tradition.
Art/design: A dynamic and considered geometric design. With sinister illustrations that are visually consistent across levels of detail.
Usability: Available in English and Russian. 

Black Adder

Concept: “A submission to the Babalonian jam!”
Danger noodle (sometimes called a nope rope)
Stat block and a mechanically straightforward but still twisted special ability
An object lesson in pictures being worth a thousand words
Special damage adds more nuance to an already sturdy monster


Concept: “A murdered godsnake reanimated by rotten souls at the moment of its ignition into blue-green corpse-fire.”
Giant, on-fire snake-guardian of the Yvy Forest
Detailed descriptions of context, setting, and creature, but no explicit mechanics
Nice illustration and overall design
Requires some prep on the GM’s part 

Brazierisle Bestiary

Concept: “A new territory and six creatures inspired by the Brazilian folklore”
In addition to creatures, includes tables for weather, treasures, natural hazards, corpse plundering, events and hooks, and additional inhabitants
Provides plenty of descriptive text alongside stat blocks and some tables that add variability to encounters
Backgrounds definitely create the sensation of exploring dense, tropical jungles
The only challenge is deciding which monster to kill your players with 


“26 Monster Stats to retheme/supplement the MÖRK BORG core book … to get your monster slaying on in Innistrad!”

Emerald Serpent of the Isle

Concept: “The Serpents Returns to Ireland in MÖRK BORG”
Content: An emerald serpent-man. A shedder of skin. A summoner of snakes.
Writing: Just the stats. Do what you wish with them.
Art/design: Hand drawn, painted and written. Straight out of the DM's notes.
Usability: Flexible abilities for a surprising npc, combat encounter, or ally. 

Glimpses of a Dying World

Concept: “Savage creatures lurk in the depths of forgotten crypts, incomprehensible relics lie waiting in the shadows of crumbling tombs, mystics argue incessantly trying to find a escape to the impending doom, and the powerful occupy themselves with vengeance.”
A sprawling offering of all things Mörk Borg
Captures the tone and atmosphere of the Dying World through the descriptive text as well as the character of the mechanics
Adapts the aesthetics and tactics of the core book with extensive use of modified public domain art
There’s something here for everyone

Johan’s Forest

Concept: “A mini adventure and a callback to Ancient Skin” 
Content: A desperately venomous little pointcrawl.
Writing: Head-turning depictions like, “At night they merge into one giant bird-snake."
Art/design: Miserable little trees, a filthy little creek, and a few other happy little accidents. 
Usability: A quick sketch for an in-media-res forest crawl. 

Kult of the Ouroboros

Concept: “In the sacred sanctuary, Job patiently awaits, extending an offer of transcendence and deliverance from the ever-watchful gaze of oblivion.” 
Content: A karmic snake kult crawl.
Writing: Full of moral quandaries your scvm will probably ignore, which might arguably be for the best. Transcendence is subjective.
Art/design: Delightfully detailed overhead map, and characterful NPC illustrations stylistically placed highlight a structured two-column adventure layout.
Usability: Minimalist minimap makes for easy room orientation reference during play. 

Mbói Tu’i

Concept: “Second son of Kerana and Tau. It patrols the swamps and wetlands, protecting amphibians and waterdwellers.”
A middleweight monster fit for amphibious adventures
Efficient stats and a dash of flavor text (with more on the product page)
Color choices and arrangement make text easily readable without obscuring the gritty, Borgy illustration
Includes an ongoing fear effect; take note, GMs

Sepulchre of the Swamp Witch

Concept: “In a hidden repository deep in the Slithering Swamp is a witch's altar of glyph-covered roots. They say it can fulfill any wish.”
A serpentine sepulchre you’ll wish you never entered.
A two-for-one adventure in two modes: sedate & completely stoned.
Mind-blowing emerald hued hallucinations, a venomously detailed map, with a sober adventure layout.
Each scvm can (try to) decide how trippy they want the adventure to be.

The Cataclysm Coast Is Burning!

Concept: “The sea boils. The sky is black. The End is here. 
And now, so are you. 
Welcome to the Cataclysm Coast. We hope you enjoy your stay.” 
Content: The Cataclym Coast... IS burning as three unwashed naval factions gnaw and raid through their last moments.
Writing: A misery-soaked narrative setting guide, providing locations, motivations, and horrors to unleash before the end.
Art/design: High contrast false color maps and neon-toned public domain imagery dominate this single-column layout.
Usability: Color-coded map icons and section headings denote three rival factions. Also available as plaintext.

The Escort

Concept: “Esther will pay you with money, information or a rare cursed scroll. All you have to do is to escort her to the church. That’s it. Really.”
Content: An escort mission. Really.
Writing: “Like, really slow. Painfully slow. Pain. Fully. Slow.”
Art/design: I can tell from the art that Esther is a real charmer. The layout is too.
Usability: Use at your own risk. Players will get impatient. Antics will ensue. 

The Visitor of Reduction

Concept: “The constant downpour started some weeks ago after yet another newborn disappeared. […] To top it off, nobody is allowed to the cemetery and place of prayers.”
An investigative, isolation-horror adventure inspired by South American lore
Provides background and hooks along with profiles for important NPCs, stat blocks for enemies and monsters, and weather mechanics
Judicious use of contrasting colors in illustrations and clean, clear maps
Relevant information and stats are proximal to maps, making them easy to use at the table

Tomb of the Screaming Snakes

Concept: “Somewhere in the Sarkash forest you can find a group of standing stones among the dying trees. … The stones are the last remains of a snake cult, its mutated members not seen by the world in centuries.”
A 15-room dungeon with indigenous monsters and treasures
Short, clear descriptions of each room and inhabitants
Map is easily readable and use of colored text facilitates easy GM use
Includes a player-facing map and an overlay sheet to simulate a torch’s light radius while exploring
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