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Sorchi Games

A Piece of Rotten Fish

Concept: “Two feuding and starving fishing hamlets. One tasty rotting carcass of a giant sea monster in between.”
Contains detailed information about the settings as well as copious random tables
Very text heavy, and the writing carries a lot of the descriptive weight
Fairly straightforward single-column layout in black and white with some yellow highlights and lots of grody illustrations
Includes a separate handout of images and maps for the players

All Hail The Necrotoad and Fifteen Fungi on the Dead Man’s Chest

Concept: “All Hail the Necrotoad, three hags terrorize the countryside from their mansion inside a giant undead toad... 
Fifteen Fungi on the Dead Man’s Chest, an alien fungus has infected a crew and their captain”
Content: A hopping toad crawl and a fungal-infested ship crawl. 
Writing: Background that establishes motivation and goals, practical advice on usage, and efficient summaries of fixed and random encounters.
Art/design: A gritty cartoonish illustration style with traditional block text layout aided by effective use of color and emphasis.
Usability: Consistent design choices make these larger dungeons easy to reference. 

Parasite is My Name. Infection is My Game

Concept: “Five parasite-themed and infection-based weapons. Why? Because it is fun and will probably weird out the players.”
A brain-parasite sea star, a bug-launching crossbow, a dart-shooting clam, a stick-mounted stinging insect, and a flesh-eating worm grenade
Provides a few paragraphs describing each item’s nature, uses, and effects
Relatively traditional half-page presentation with text and illustration
Caution—may weird out the players 

Sacred Parasites

Concept: “These heretic ideas are collected below the frayed parasol of corrupt religion and cute parasites”
7 new creatures, a living dungeon, occult-bugs-as-resources rules, and tables for effects of parasitization
Writing: Creature entries feature descriptive passages, stat blocks, and adventure hooks; overall, creative and effective
More traditional layouts with text balanced by facing-page illustrations; images are generally gritty (in the good way) and the rest of the graphic design follows suit
“Cute” is highly subjective, but definitely some interesting and creative creature concepts

Tomb of the Screaming Snakes

Concept: “Somewhere in the Sarkash forest you can find a group of standing stones among the dying trees. … The stones are the last remains of a snake cult, its mutated members not seen by the world in centuries.”
A 15-room dungeon with indigenous monsters and treasures
Short, clear descriptions of each room and inhabitants
Map is easily readable and use of colored text facilitates easy GM use
Includes a player-facing map and an overlay sheet to simulate a torch’s light radius while exploring
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