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4d20 swords which are not +1

Concept: “As you pick up the weapon you feel power and dread. It has history, it has a will. It wants you to kill. It enables you to kill. You're not the same anymore.”
Content: 4d20 swords. +1d20 quests. Not +1.
Writing: Blades of unusual manufacture, dubious history, and questionable reliability. Just like the Scvm who wield them.
Art/design: Bold display fonts over a finely ground body. Colors that are torn, scratched, flecked, spattered, and rolled.
Usability: Compatible with Mörk Borg, but also fairly system agnostic. 


Concept: “A heavy-duty tri-fold stuffed full of 216 things you might find, see, touch, feel, hear, taste, or smell in the Dying Lands.”  
Content: Six d66 tables...
Writing: Delightfully fvcked.
Art/Design: A very red, very vertical trifold
Usability: Great for the living, and the dead. 

AD&D (1e) Monsters to Mörk Borg Conversion

Concept: “a tool for assisting Mörk Borg Gamemasters (GMs) with converting 1st Edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Monsters (AD&D 1e) into Mörk Borg Stat Blocks”  
Content: Product links, stat block templates, encounter balance, conversion comments, and an example conversion.
Writing: A collection of references and links in a neatly formatted template.
Art/Design: Weasel printing included.
Usability: Print-friendly. Contains affiliate links to DriveThru products. 

Box of Terrors

Concept: “It's not only a box.” 
Content: It’s a sturdy box, with 6.25" x 9.25" x 2" of room. When you drop a d6 in it, terror happens.
Writing: Entire encounters, condensed on a lid. Full of flavor, and terror.
Art/design: Sharp illustrations, clean text, elegant drop table design.
Usability: Can hold things, so you can roll things. 

Cast Away

Concept: “Souls will grow and wither as the ages pass, joining the sand that welcomes new, desperate Castaways to its shores.” 
Content: Standalone island survival horror. Full of mysteries, afflictions, and terrors both supernatural and mercilessly mundane.
Writing: A gorgeous set of core mechanics to keep your Castaways tired, injured, hungry, and desperate. With a whimsically brooding setting that will leave them feeling haunted and curious.
Art/design: A collection of soft and vibrant illustrations (often recontextualized) with haunting marginalia builds the sense of wonder and suspense matching the setting's tone.
Usability: Pragmatically organized for reference and play. 

Colossus Arise

Concept: “7:1 Colossus shall rise from beyond Bergen Chrypt... SHE is no more.”
Content: Additional scriptures for the 7th misery.
Writing: A regional focus on the end that awaits us all.
Art/design: Bordered black and white plaintext.
Usability: For extended Mörk Borg burnings. 

Core Reference Cards - Ways to Carry

Concept: “Little envelopes for you and your players to carry the cards you collect around with you.”
Content: Tarot-sized envelopes for your reference cards.
Writing: Storage equipment reference cards text included on each envelope.
Art/design: Clever re-contextualization of the Wagon, Sack, and Backpack reference cards.
Usability: Included instructions and illustrative indexes assist assembly.

Creature Sheet

Concept: “A creature sheet” 
Content: A flexible creature sheet. 
Writing: A framework with room for description, combat stats, randomized attacks, and specials
Art/design: A spacious, simple, and left-aligned fillable sheet. 
Usability: Available in black and white, or yellow header. 

Cruel Chains

Concept: “What CRUEL CHAINS bind you to this miserable wretch?"
Content: A d68 table of interpersonal misery.
Writing: Some truly wretched (and often funny) relationships, with occasional bonus rolls for even more variety.
Art/design: List with a disturbing variety of typefaces (except for page 5). A varied of (sometimes filtered) public domain imagery and photographs.
Usability: Available in full color and black & white. 

Curious Conversations for Questionable Characters

Concept: “Give your scum some personality and increase the thrill of mortal danger.”
Content: Traits, Motivations, and campfire conversation for any scvm.
Writing: Short role-playing prompts to encourage character development, with simple instructions on when and how to use them.
Art/design: Bordered text incorporates yellow and pink amidst AI-generated illustrations of dour conversations.
Usability: Bordered text may inhibit readability on smaller displays. 

d100 reasons you miss an attack

Concept: “A random table of silly and serious reasons why your players just missed an attack.”
See above
See entry 61 — “the enemy rips off their arm, and parries with it”
Classic three column layout with strong MBC aesthetics.
Usability: Easy to navigate list. Text small but legible. The reasons are only occasionally situational.

D49 reasons the scvm is sticking together

Concept: “Why would you people even WANT to hang out together?” 
Content: 40 reasons for you scvm to come to the table.
Writing: A series of unceremonious prompts to bring your scvm closer together. 
Art/design: A wall of yellow and black text. Bright and bold.
Usability: Your bonds won’t save you, in the end. 

d50 Strange Weapons

Concept: “A collection of strange weapons for you Mörk Borg needs”
Content: 5 tables of weapons split across 5 genres of play.
Writing: Thematic, amusing, and occasionally anachronistic.
Art/design: Layout inspired by the Mörk Borg reference section.
Usability: Pick a theme, roll a d10.


Concept: “Quick and light dungeon generation for Mork Borg.” 
Content: A one-page dungeon generator that only relies on two d6.
Writing: A quick and efficient style that makes thorough use of each roll of the dice.
Art/design: A well-organized and slightly highlighted plaintext document.
Usability: Designed for quick reference and easy home printing. 

D69 games the scvm plays in-universe

“-They are playing a game. 
-What game ? 
Content: 60 names for 6 kinds of games to play, in-game. With basic resolution mechanics.
Writing: Snippy and evocative titles to inspire at the table. Simple resolution mechanics in case it doesn’t.
Art/design: Some gamers coming to blows over a poor result on the D69 table.
Usability: A quick, and bright yellow, reference tool. 
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