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character sheet

Creature Sheet

Concept: “A creature sheet” 
Content: A flexible creature sheet. 
Writing: A framework with room for description, combat stats, randomized attacks, and specials
Art/design: A spacious, simple, and left-aligned fillable sheet. 
Usability: Available in black and white, or yellow header. 

Escoria de Bolsillo

Concept: “Una ficha plegable y portátil para que podáis llevaros el alma de MÖRK BORG en cualquier parte y a cualquier lugar.” 
Content: A foldable and portable character sheet so you can take the soul of MÖRK BORG with you anywhere and everywhere. 
Writing: It’s got all the elements of a Mörk Borg character sheet. Just pocket-sized.
Art/design: A delightful and compact design inspired by Chaoclypse.
Usability: Available in Spanish, with and without lines in the note sections.  

Forbidden Psalm Character Cards

Concept: “Tiny MÖRK BORG character sheets for use in Forbidden Psalm”  
Content: Two pages of 8 compact character sheets with a little warband log.
Writing: Just the basics. With lots of room to write.
Art/Design: Memorable icons provide a shorthand for the most commonly modified stats—stylish and functional design.
Usability: “(although I've used them for MÖRK BORG as well)” 

Pocket Scvm

Concept: “A mini MÖRK BORG character journal, perfect for doomed scvm.”
Content: A foldable pocket-sized scvm sheet.
Writing: Functional character sheet elements which optimize the limited space.
Art/design: A clean compact character sheet design.
Usability: Printer instructions on the storefront for ease of use. 

Pocket Trash

Concept: “мини-книжечка с листом персонажа для MÖRK BORG от Chaoclypse, переведённая мной на русский язык..” 
Content: A Russian Translation of Pocket Scvm by Chaoclypse.
Writing: Faithful to the original, with included player aids for solo adventuring.
Art/design: A friendly, compact design, with just a little grunge to catch your attention.
Usability: A great pocket-sized format, now in Russian. 

pokkit dog

Concept: “a compact character journal for Demon Dog” 
Content: Did you not just read the concept? 
Writing: A Demon Dog Character sheet, with some extra space for notes and doodles.
Art/design: A casual, inviting anarchy, encouraging you to mark it up and make it yours.
Usability: Based on the Pocket Scvm format by Chaoclypse 
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