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Kaminari Taimei

Pocket Trash

Concept: “мини-книжечка с листом персонажа для MÖRK BORG от Chaoclypse, переведённая мной на русский язык..” 
Content: A Russian Translation of Pocket Scvm by Chaoclypse.
Writing: Faithful to the original, with included player aids for solo adventuring.
Art/design: A friendly, compact design, with just a little grunge to catch your attention.
Usability: A great pocket-sized format, now in Russian. 

The Hidden Hemlighet Prison

Concept: “Укрытая холодными лапами Кергюса, эта тюрьма - маленький лимб для дворян, откуда лишь два пути, и оба ведут в ледяную могилу.” 
Content: A frozen aristocratic prison resurrection-crawl.
Writing: A notorious prison where nobles pay to live out their death sentences, with corruption revealed behind every door.
Art/design: A gorgeously rendered isometric map and character illustrations paint a clear picture of each encounter.
Usability: Highlighted room illustrations with each encounter for easy reference of details on the map with each encounter. Available in Russian. 
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