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7 Aboard the Schackel

9 contributors
Concept: “Lady Anthelia of Kergüs, the Blood Countess, sits upon her marbled throne... Those she will not kill she imprisons aboard the hulk named Her Lady's Schackel”
Content: A sinful floating prison crawl.
Writing: Creative framing which reflects Anthelia’s court intrigue in each tortured soul and accursed deck. 
Art/design: Illustrations that channel the influence of the seven, and their sins.
Usability: Randomization elements enhance replayability. 

Accursed Guardian

Concept: “Rumours in Anthelia’s court tell of a curse making the Shield immortal as long as the Countess remains unharmed...”
Content: Anthelia’s personal bodyguard.
Writing: An example of the cunning brutality one should expect in Anthelia’s court.
Art/design: An accursed guardian at the ready. Behind textual battlements of white and black.
Usability: Violence isn’t always the answer. 

Blood Ambrosia

Concept: “A prince stolen. A deal made in exchange for your life. A Banquet of blood and gore.”
An epicurean escapade in Alliáns
Provides the adventure’s premise, descriptions of dungeons and rooms, attending NPCs, and a smorgasbord of miserable menu items
Abundant use of public domain images adds plenty of color and variety
The text point is small and a bit crowded on some pages, making it difficult to quickly reference and a bit tiring to read at length

Blood to the Flames

Concept: “Some blood themed content”
Content: Tithe for the blood countess.
Writing: Bloody simple, sensuous, and effective.
Art/design: A spacious and symbolic design.
Usability: Uses 5e style advantage mechanics.  


Concept: “For a few hours each year, the seas beneath the glaciers of Kergüs retreat, revealing salted dungeons in their wake. Within these waterlogged tunnels of ice – the CLAMS.”
Grab your CLAM-picking gloves—an audience with Anthelia awaits the winner
A briny feast for the senses with Karl’s signature sense of humor
Easy to read with ample visual cues for navigating each room’s description and for moving back and forth between descriptions and map
The CLAMS are barbed, and the tide waits for no scvm

False Prophecies

Concept: An album of dungeon synth and dark ambient tracks with accompanying adventure
A physical manifestation of the Sword of Hailstone game app
Provides mechanics for navigating the frozen wastes and lore and stat blocks for what you’ll find along the way
Art/design: Masterfully puzzles the game content into the relatively small space of a fold-out cassette case
Pairs well with Sword of Hailstone materials, which include a fold-out hex map

For Whom the Deer Haunts

Concept: “Deep in the woods of Kergüs, you befall a small tribe of earthbound. Their Chieftain, Krüll, warns you of an accursed  kinsmen – a Wendigo – hiding among them, slaughtering a man every night.”
Provides a hook, suspects (with a fun alibi system), and culprit
Writing: Conveys the necessary information concisely but effectively
A gritty graphic character with strategic shocks of color
Allows GM to customize scenario to taste or need; includes a twisted twist on the reward

Frozen Hellscape

“Ever wanted to go to the frozen, colourless wastes of Kergus? Fancy introducing your party of renegades and hopeless vagabonds to an oversized, selfish gangster running the underside of Galgenbeck?”

In the Bluelight

“Takes characters deep beneath the barren wastes of Kergüs, where an ancient artefact that holds the power to stop the Miseries afflicting the world lies buried beneath the ice”

Sword of Hailstone

Concept: “As a lone barbarian wielding nothing but your trusty Zweihänder and a few morsels of salted fish, you traverse a dangerous tundra.”
A primarily app-based adventure game built on Mörk Borg mechanics
Entirely descriptive; mechanics are handled by the app
Pixelated depictions of Kergüs and its inhabitants
Physical copies and digital materials are available but not required to play

Sword of Hailstone

Concept: “A TTRPG adaptation of the Sword of Hailstone cRPG app and accommodates the dungeon synth Sword of Hailstone saga”
A hexcrawl through Kergüs in pursuit of the eponymous sword
A mix of mechanics and description with setting-appropriate imagery
Text is economically laid out to accommodate the intended physical format; includes some nice pixel art from the app version
Will require some scrolling (or page flipping if you print it); includes player maps

The Glass Herbarium

Concept: “The Herbarium is beautiful and warm. It grows fruits and vegetables despite the snow. And just one taste of the bright red apples that grow inside its glass walls is enough to bewitch a man.”
Content: A location adventure featuring glass, destructible flooring, and plants that probably want to do dreadful things to you.
Writing: The Glass Herbarium’s concise efficient prose blooms into a brilliant, weird fantasy adventure.
Art/design: Consistently clean art and layout hint at a glass sanctuary protected from the scvm of the dying world. 
Usability: Clean but not sterile. Strong stylistic hierarchy makes for easy navigation and reference during play. 

The Thirteenth Damned Son

Concept:  “When Mother Leeds heard she was due for a thirteenth child she cursed The Two-Headed Basilisk and the child, and demanded HE take what belonged to HIM.”
An abomination inspired by the Jersey Devil but skillfully adapted to the setting; includes a  sleek randomized crawl through the frozen lands of Kergüs
Short but flavorful description and a healthy stat block; a beautifully written hook with a table of random encounters that keep the PCs moving toward the climax
Fits right into Mörk Borg on every count
Verbally and visually economical

The Tournament at Alliáns

Concept: “Her Excellency Anthelia, Blood-Countess of Kergüs, has determined to amuse herself by holding a tournament in Alliáns.”
Tourney rules and tables for rewards, consequences, combatants, and relationships
Consistently entertaining and inspiring
Solid choices add atmosphere and facilitate flow
Well organized; hyperlinks to other texts are quite useful; bracket sheet is a plus

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