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Down and Out in a Schleswig Sanitorium

Concept: “Recently the staff has all been murdered by a patient gone rogue. That suits the King’s ends well enough.”
Clever scenario, especially the conclusion
Disturbingly descriptive at times, humorously irreverent at others
Adapts Nohr-esque style to express its “sterile” environment
Well organized by category, but involves some flipping/scrolling/shuffling


Concept: “You play as Scäkla, a scum imprisoned deep underground... 
Progress room by room, as you roll dice and draw the rooms as you go, otherwise how will you know which way you went? Anyway, try not to die. You will most likely die.
Content: A solo prison crawl.
Writing: Playful and interactive text which hooks you into the narrative with a tutorial that builds your character even as you begin your prison break.
Art/design: Characterful marginalia simultaneously enhance and age the text. Producing a draft like quality and encouraging both engagement and participation.
Usability: Designed to be printed and scribbled on. Break out your pen. Make a mess. 

Sacrifice Before Sunrise

Concept: “A plan to dethrone King Fathmu IX by replacing him with the grotesque child-god is mere days from success.”
Content: Political assassination by ritual god-child sacrifice.
Writing: A surprising amount of depth for a tiny, burned village and the chase for an infant god.
Art/design: Divine blend of color, artful illustration, and navigable sidebar column layout.
Usability: Easier to use than murdering a god-baby. 

Soul Wrenched Shaman

Concept: “The streets of Schleswig are filled with empty husks … Fathmu IV has put a hefty bag of 200 silver to anyone who can put a stop to this.”
Adventure hook and framework with a creative final boss
Sets the overall scenario and trajectory, and provides seeds for scenes along the journey
Features a pretty bizarre illustration
Content is well-organized for linear use

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