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7:7 - A Dying Card Game

Concept: “Well, it’s like a Living Card Game, but it’s up to all of you to keep it shambling on in a foetid undead state. Its brains have now been splattered gruesomely across the Mӧrk Borg community, decentralized, disaggregated, dismembered, ready to be resurrected at any time through the BLACK MAGIC of the Third Party License.”
A Print and Play Card Game with an Open License.
Writing: Flexible rules account for 3 modes of play. With delightfully characterized (and miserable) scvm.
Consistent use of symbolism and color for quick visual reference of card types and stats. Characterful illustrations and public domain art.
Usable for 1v1, solo play, or as a prompt for randomized Mörk Borg adventures. Has a flexibility license so you can release your own expansions.


Concept: “The Seventh Misery is at hand, yet there may be salvation for some…”
Content: A dungeon scrawl for filthy scvm who’d do anything to escape the apocalypse.
Writing: Mörk Borg rules returned to Dark Fort style. 
Art/design: Characterful and easy to print rules with understated but effective navigation aids.
Usability: Currently under active playtest. 

Basilisk! - Tunnels of Nechrubel

Concept: "Explore the chaotic passages beneath Verhu's catacombs... occult relics and terrifying creatures lurk therein!" 
Content: A two-player expansion to Basilisk!, with chaotic tunnels to explore.
Writing: Rules additions, clarifications, and supplementary tables establish the interactions between the base game and Tunnels of Nechrubel.
Art/design: The same tasteful, textured, printable, clean layout as the original
Usability: Consistency in visual elements and subtle navigation aids in easy reference.  

Corny Groń (Black Peak)

Concept: “Based on Pelle Nilsson’s Dark Fort, but with Polish Carpathians Mountains folklore’s flavor”
Adapts and builds on the Dark Fort concept with wilderness locales, dungeons, and thematic enemies and items
More elaborate than its source material, but adds more mechanical intricacy and plenty of character
Wiśniewska’s woodcut-inspired illustrations create a distinct sense of time and place
Complex but not overly complicated


Concept: “Begin your perilous journey into the ARKFORT. No GM to save you; yet, if you are too cowardly to venture alone, rope some friends into your misery.”
Content: The macro game to Dark Forts micro game.
Writing: Complementary resource management mechanisms and other complications add depth to Dark Fort's light gameplay.
Art/design: An effective, if dense, text layout harkening back to early digital office correspondence. Some not-so-traditional elements produce the sense of a found document.
Usability: More robust than traditional Mörk Borg fare but rewarding in equal measure. 

Darker Forts

Concept: “Adds THREE new dungeons and accompanying characters to DARK FORT”
New settings, characters, monsters, items, and optional rules for solo play; useful for generating themed dungeons on the fly
Primarily informational but with just the right amount of creative flair
Strongly reminiscent of Dark Fort
Usability: Like its predecessor, each variant fits on one sheet of paper; doesn’t include custom character sheets

Dark Fort

Concept: “The catacomb rogue enters the stage.”
A solo dungeon crawler; useful as a generator alongside Mörk Borg’s GM tools
Clear and concise; primarily mechanical but with bits of effective descriptive text
More traditional than Mörk Borg’s, but still atmospheric
Extremely efficient layout

Deep Waters Run Deadly

Concept: “A tool for solo, gmless and on the fly dungeoneering involving moisture.”
Content: A moisture generator, d20 soggy denizens, fishing rules, d12 miserable fish, and treasures.
Writing: A generalized but descriptive style. Inspiring rather than dictating mechanics.
Art/design: A geometric and textured layout with tailored AI art.
Usability: A specific emulator for cruel and unusual bodies of water. 


“Common and Rare Encounters and NPCs to fill your Solitary Defilement dungeon-crawls!”

Endless Flesh

Concept: “You were sent to rescue Tergol’s lost Scroll of Endless Flesh... Find it and bring it to the church!”
Content: A solo endless fleshcrawl.
Writing: A concise solo game. Establishing tone and self-contained mechanics in two pages.
Art/design: Cleanly formatted black text over a fleshy pink background.
Usability: Includes downloadable character sheet. 


Concept: “Start on the backside!”
Content: A dung’eon crawl to play on the toilet.
Writing: Filthy and fun. A delightfully nutty rules texture with the occasional crunch.
Art/design: Unexpectedly clean text layout. Perfectly legible on paper. Less so on toilet paper.
Usability: Available in A5 and half-letter. Accommodations for public bathroom play are provided in extras. Your results may vary. 

Letters of the Damned

Concept: “A supplement for Quill that immerses the player in the dark fantasy world of MÖRK BORG”
A letter-writing solo game
Expressive but clear in its descriptive and instructional text
Includes some public domain illustrations and other visual elements for variety and appeal; text is presented efficiently and arranged appropriately according to density per page
Requires Quill rules to play; could also be used as inspiration for, or a mini-game in, standard Mörk Borg


Concept: “Build the family tree of a fictional ruling family.  Record the monstrosities they faced and the choices they made.”
A solo journaling game based on
Lineage and set in the courts of the Dying World
Establishes the bleak tone intended for gameplay with lots of variety in the table results
Layouts vary from section to section for easier visual navigation when flipping/scrolling
Linearly laid out for progress through each ruler’s lifespan; also a good source of adventure hooks and long-term plots for standard games

Mörkal Komborg

Concept: “‘Welcome to the longest-running deathmatch in the known universe.’”
Content: A Mortal Kombat vs Mörk Borg crossover deathmatch.
Writing: Over-the-top brutality disemboweled with self-aware satire.
Art/design: A SICK vintage fighting game manual in black and white.
Usability: Referenceable RPG fighting game manual with solo mini-game insert. 

Mörk Borg Solo Rules

Concept: “Want to play solo between your weekly games? Want to practice to get familiar with the game, and try generating new ideas, and getting as Mörky Borgy as you can alone? These rules are for you.”
A simple, concise system for running a solo game
Uses a straightforward, conversational tone with clear instructions
Designed for easy reading and use rather than visual style
Instructions are broken down into short, manageable points; calls for various other supplements and resources, all of which are free online 
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