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choose your own

An Exodus

Concept: “a ‘choose your own adventure’ that should take around 20 minutes to play.”
Content: A Grift escaping, bridge crossing daycare crawl.
Writing: A harrowing race against the clock, full of misdirection, misery, and oblique references to nearly every variety of child endangerment. 
Art/design: Delicate splashes of color and texture engage this print-friendly design. Moody spot illustrations to drive the miseries of Grift home.
Usability: Children are surprisingly resilient, you are not. It probably won’t end well for any of you. 

Crashing Ghost of the Grotesque Fang

Concept: “A shadow is cast over your past, burning with remorse. Face your greatest foe and uncover deeper truths, else the wounds will continue to fester...”
Content: A trauma exploring, choose your own adventure, solo crawl.
Writing: A choose your own adventure narrative which engages the format on a textual and metatextual level.
Art/design: A visual motif using color and symbolism to explore dissonance, reflection, rumination, and trauma.
Usability: Clear text and concise instruction enhance the choose your own adventure style. 

You Nameless SCUM

Concept: “play a quick and brutal adventure for one and, in the process, create characters fully ready to use in your Mörk Borg games... at least if you make the right choices and survive.”
Content: A solo choose-your-own-adventure and character creator.
Writing: A haunting wax-filled replica of Sarkash and Graven-Tosk. A serious and surreal experience.
Art/design: An embellished single-column layout, with abstract illustrations invoking an artificial and constructed reality.
Usability: Stylish and simple, a breeze to navigate. Writing in the book encouraged. 
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