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An Exodus

Concept: “a ‘choose your own adventure’ that should take around 20 minutes to play.”
Content: A Grift escaping, bridge crossing daycare crawl.
Writing: A harrowing race against the clock, full of misdirection, misery, and oblique references to nearly every variety of child endangerment. 
Art/design: Delicate splashes of color and texture engage this print-friendly design. Moody spot illustrations to drive the miseries of Grift home.
Usability: Children are surprisingly resilient, you are not. It probably won’t end well for any of you. 


Concept: “The Fangüin move in unison, their collective presence evoking a sense of foreboding.”  
Content: Perfectly normal, collectively intelligent, color-draining aquatic birds.
Writing: A horrifying ecological survey of a mysterious Kergian fauna
Art/Design: A horde of Fangüin observe blood stains, anatomical drawings, and a dramatic title.
Usability: Be prepared to chop off your limbs. 


Concept: “In the town of Harrowshade, tucked away in northern Grift, a somber gloom engulfs the lives of the inhabitants.” 
Content: A Sölitary Defilement Grift-crawl to string you along and leave you in stitches.
Writing: Contains enough rotten detail for engaging solo or GM-less play. With secrets hidden in the navigable text.
Art/design: Inky illustrations and rich textures in a fluid and navigable layout.
Usability: Contains portions of The Grisly Fare, The Fleshmonger, and Vorgs by Unit Six. Available in a variety of full-color and print-friendly formats.

Malediction’s Handbook

Concept: “an optional compendium of Wounds, Maimings and Fractures” 
Content: Hit point reference, more specific extremities to maim, and a d66 table of lingering injuries.
Writing: A well-thought wound location table, and injuries for character creation with inspirational backstories.
Art/design: A lightly deconstructed anatomical figure, skulls, and a heart. With lists in a tri-fold pamphlet. 
Usability: Available in meaty & yellow, or printer-friendly. Säte is your butt. 


Concept: “Her piercing eyes as deep as the Múr. Her feathers, black as the tar seeping from the soil of Sarkash.” 
Content: “Pum-Kin, a giant crow that yearns and wants for things.” Those wants. Her gifts. How to earn them.
Writing: A clever collection of shiny Mörktober prompts, nested with a curious corvid.
Art/design: A feather-black trifold, with piercing eyes, sharpened beak, barren trees, and swollen moon.
Usability: Dynamic but cleanly framed tables. 

Tar Spirit

Concept: “Tar Spirits seem to find dark amusement in the futile efforts of those they ensnare” 
Content: A rather persistent dance partner. 
Writing: That delicate balance of whimsy and clinging horror familiar to Sarkash natives.
Art/design: Adorable little lumps, a happily dancing marionette, and a menacing pink flame.
Usability: Quick to reference, fulfilling to read. 

The Enigmatic Oracle

Concept: “‘The Enigmatic Oracle lurks, shrouded in darkness. Its vile whispers beckon those desperate enough to seek its guidance, offering twisted quests in exchange for cursed power.’”
Content: A series of d6 tasks, in return, a damned relic.
Writing: A dangerously powerful artifact, framed by a dark oracle, and the cursed acts one must perform to obtain it.
Art/design: Crisp black illustrations with wispy pink highlights.
Usability: A striking and clear one-page encounter. 

The Flesh Monger

Concept: “‘Our morbid collection offers an opportunity for those brave enough—or desperate enough—to modify their own fragile existence.’”
Content: " Replacement body parts. 3x NPCs. A list of items and tools. A ‘Chance of Infection’ table. A mini post-TPK rebirth.”
Writing: A glorious abomination. Made up of funny, morbid, and delightfully strange parts. 
Art/design:  Grotesquely detailed illustrations, a splattering of display text, and a richly textured trifold.
Usability: Inverted text avoids casual player spoilers. Print-friendly or violent bright cover editions are available.  

The Grisly Fare

Concept: “Exquisite Carnivorous Delights.”
Content: A butcher, some game, tools of the trade, and the product.
Writing: A believable meat market grift, made for the city of Grift.
Art/design: Exotic creatures in various stages of segmentation. Housed in a tri-fold butcher's shop.
Usability: Available in print-friendly or extra meaty yellow. 

The Jüggler In Exile

Concept: “A forsaken figure, thrown from the comfort of life amongst the higher class, wrapped in tattered motley silk and haunted by memories of past merriment.” 
Content: A greater fool.
Writing: A fine collection melan-comic memorabilia for a clown who took things too far.
Art/design: A frolicking joker’s card, blemished and disgraced. Tattered banners over two-column text.
Usability: Comes with banner illustration and juggling clubs. 


Concept: “Their fur is matted and sparse and their eyes glow with an unnatural, sickly yellow.” 
Content: "Packs of twisted and ferocious dogs that roam the outskirts of towns.”
Writing: Firmly placed the dying lands and framed for likely encounters. 
Art/design: Intelligent, hungry, and just a little mangy. 
Usability: The pups might even be trainable. 
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