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Concept: “The artefact which has come into your possession... these notes-however crude they may seem-however cursed and however twisted, are notes that I would guard with my life.”
Content: 40+ nightmarish monsters, a vampire-like class, lore, tables, a dungeon.
Writing: Renford P. Logan’s journalistic endeavors frame this collection of strongly themed creatures and locales. Realistic portrayals of disturbing events lend weight to the creatures and locales. It is enjoyable to both read and reference.
Art/design: Characterful two-tone illustrations and text elements in a balanced layout. Reserved but impactful use of color.
Usability: Thematic organization in a strong table of contents make for low prep referencing. 

Blood of SHE

Concept: “A mighty artefact is hidden in a chilly cavern: the nail that once wounded the mighty basilisk SHE.”
Content: A pamphlet dungeon made for the Crossword Dungeon Jam.
Writing: A dramatic legend of heroic magic turned to a dark purpose. With rules for your scvm to bring this blasphemous tale to an end, or open a new chapter.
Art/design: A pleasant compromise of style and function, a simple design with visual flourish around mechanical text to keep the eye engaged in multiple readings.
Usability: A well-structured pamphlet dungeon for easy reference at the table.

Cold Dead Fingers

Concept:  “Mere days ago a terrible thunder shook Kergüs as a colossal stone plummeted through the clouds and into the frozen surface of the lake.” 
Content: A mist-shrouded, gold-prospecting, frozen lake crawl.
Writing: A instructive and elegant hex crawl that rewards exploration consistently with meaningful choice. 
Art/design: A single column, segmented plaintext layout, with color coatings and established GM advice.
Usability: Currently in prototype, expect legibility to go down as style goes up.


Concept: “The Fangüin move in unison, their collective presence evoking a sense of foreboding.”  
Content: Perfectly normal, collectively intelligent, color-draining aquatic birds.
Writing: A horrifying ecological survey of a mysterious Kergian fauna
Art/Design: A horde of Fangüin observe blood stains, anatomical drawings, and a dramatic title.
Usability: Be prepared to chop off your limbs. 

Frost Fever

“‘The ability to speak to dead gods! 
The will to eat righteous guts! 
To study how long the fingers can shiver without nails!
And a frozen load of even more hypothermic fun!’
- A trustworthy Kergüs Mortician”
Content: Frost Fever and d12 frozen fatalities.
Writing: Frigid and frostbitten humor. Smooth as black ice.
Art/design: Glacial illustrations with icy blue accents.
Usability: Largely legible, but ice-blue sections may cause snow-blindness. 


Concept: “Anthelia’s patience is growing thin…”
Content: A frigid cavern-crawl in search of color, with treasure the world is not prepared for.
Writing: A case of courtly intrigue, frigid madness, and death in service of Anthelia’s greed.
Art/design: Darkly desaturated imagery, a familiar split column dungeon layout, a with top down minimap and sidebars.
Usability: Organized as a series of encounters in a mini-campaign.

Frusna Norr

Concept: “By greed, courage, or stupidity, you find yourself mounting the Frozen Steppe; should you survive, its contents are yours. Beware, though, for it is said the King still holds Frostkeep, and he dislikes unannounced guests.”
Content: A frigid castle crawl.
Writing: A series of tangible room descriptions and intangible encounters detail the sombre history of this frigid place..
Art/design: A lightly textured black and white layout with dynamic typographic elements and sharp spot illustrations.
Usability: Also available in an untextured print-friendly version.

Manor Most Foul

Concept: “Greed, gore, romance? None of that matters as long as you can get to the hidden vault” 
Content: A lovingly macabre manor crawl.
Writing: A tragic love story (of sorts), reenacting its terrible pursuit this night for your voyeuristic pleasure.
Art/design: Full of coarse texture and bright color, a feast for the eyes, with a surprising emphasis on the eyes.
Usability: I'm not joking about the eyes. I may have exaggerated the voyeuristic pleasure. 

Snow on Snow

Concept: “Out in the frozen wastes of Kergüs is the graven image of a dead god… You need to appease the irate Blood-Countess Anthelia of Alliánce. This may be your chance.”
Content: A blasphemously festive hexcrawl. With occult items, frozen foes, and plenty buried beneath the snow.
Writing: An eloquent introduction this sorry excuse of a province. An unsurprising amount of snow (and death) related mechanics.
Art/design: A flavorful variety of illustrations and layouts. All admirably executed.
Usability: Stylish yet easy to read, with strong visual elements aiding in reference.

Sword of Hailstone

Concept: “The sword pulses with every emotion imaginable, and with warmth untold.”
Content: A moon charged cursed magic blade.
Writing: Recounts the heritage and legacy of this artifact.
Art/design: An advancing sword encroaches on sprawling freehand.
Usability: Bathe in the light of the full moon periodically for best results. 

The Black City

Concept: “the Blood-Countess Anthelia, will reward with eternal youth whomsoever delivers into her hands the six lost magical artefacts of the Creton order.” 
Content: A dynamically generated city of Alliáns, plenty of ice-cold ways to die, and a collection of artifacts to collect to appease the Blood-Countess. Bring a torch — and a stake.
Writing: Frigidly thematic and appropriately bleak. No choice goes unpunished in Alliáns.
Art/design: Charcoal sketches convey a dark starving city, drained of its vibrancy and life.
Usability: A self-contained solo dungeon scrawl. Just add flint. Watch it burn. 

The Hidden Hemlighet Prison

Concept: “Укрытая холодными лапами Кергюса, эта тюрьма - маленький лимб для дворян, откуда лишь два пути, и оба ведут в ледяную могилу.” 
Content: A frozen aristocratic prison resurrection-crawl.
Writing: A notorious prison where nobles pay to live out their death sentences, with corruption revealed behind every door.
Art/design: A gorgeously rendered isometric map and character illustrations paint a clear picture of each encounter.
Usability: Highlighted room illustrations with each encounter for easy reference of details on the map with each encounter. Available in Russian. 
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