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Concept: "In the city of North Gate, the Church of Abundance, worshipers of the goddess Zovra, hires the party to retrieve a stolen holy relic – the jawbone of their saint. 

Meanwhile, a strange symbol is seen around town – a  skull, with a moth in its mouth, and a single eye on its forehead." 
Content: An investigation into the cults of plenty, and their demons.
Writing: Scripted structure establishes witness and suspect statements. Contingent events sketch a timeline of events.
Art/design: Consistent and sturdy single-column layout, thematic cover art, with art of major locations and NPCs.
Usability: Flow of events requires pre-reading. Table of contents and strong section headings for ease of reference. 

Snow on Snow

Concept: “Out in the frozen wastes of Kergüs is the graven image of a dead god… You need to appease the irate Blood-Countess Anthelia of Alliánce. This may be your chance.”
Content: A blasphemously festive hexcrawl. With occult items, frozen foes, and plenty buried beneath the snow.
Writing: An eloquent introduction this sorry excuse of a province. An unsurprising amount of snow (and death) related mechanics.
Art/design: A flavorful variety of illustrations and layouts. All admirably executed.
Usability: Stylish yet easy to read, with strong visual elements aiding in reference.

The Smouldering Bull

Concept: “3d10 cvltists from the unknown continent carry their terrifying Blazing God aloft.”
A Misery-reversing (temporarily) idol from a foreign land
Includes stats for cultists as well as mechanics for the bull itself
Layout creates a frenetic, dynamic sensation without sacrificing usability
A convenient stopgap or a slipper slope for PCs seeking to stave off the apocalypse 

The Unholy Idol of Chort

Concept: “Read His name right and He will offer you a great deal.”
4 tables for rolling names/ingredients and determining demands, rewards, and consequences
Concise and straightforward in instructions and roll results
Focused mostly on usability over aesthetics, but not without visual embelishments
The idol’s name determines all other aspects of the interaction; don’t forget to write it down or save the dice 
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