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30 Days of MÖRK BORG Adventure Chapbook Volume 3:3 Churches

“The heretics rise...
The Death Church of Wokath 
Blessed are the dead, for they shall inherit all! 

The Dismal Church of Nagla 
We forge our tradition in the spirit of our ancestors! 

The Flayed Church 
We bow to that which crawls!

Content: Three heretical religions along with their followers, artifacts, seats of power, and teachings.
Writing: Three faiths enshrined in text. With histories and doctrines proving how fertile cults can spring forth from the infertile soil of a dying world.
Art/design: Design elements and illustrations mingle in rapturous heretical rites.
Usability: Visual and textual motifs allow for easy navigation between the faiths during play. 

All Things Fragrant and Foul

Concept: “Mork Borg can be overwhelmingly nasty. Why not balance that with some beauty? And also add even more misery. 
Content: New rules, eight classes, and an afterlife-spanning adventure. Also sports.
Writing: A meditation on duality. With a serious tone contained within all its dubious fragrance.
Art/design: A highly interactive and reversible design with upright and inverted text interleaved beautifully.
Usability: Designed for print. Flip the book. My condolences to page 5. 

Compatible with Mörk Borg (a sticker)

Concept: “Turn anything your heart desires into a Compatible with MÖRK BORG product! Candles! Soda! Soda Candles! Bags of Salt! Dish rags! Piles of dogshit!"
Content: Stickers.
Writing: A generic version of the legal text and the (optional) “compatible with” logo.
Art/design: Yellow sticker, black font, bloody skulls.
Usability: Place (ir)responsibly. 

Convoke What Doom Ye Angels Hath Wrought!

Concept: “A wild ride through desolation and back again.”
Content: Hellish machinations and their pilots, Angels of Sin and sigils carved in flesh, adventures in “the broken earth”.
Writing: Apocalyptic in both scope and tone. Sweeping. Violent. Occasionally biblical.
Art/design: A frenetic collage style recontextualizes public domain imagery into a tortured reality. Rules organized in a distressed newspaper layout.
Usability: Stylized language may require the occasional divine inspiration.

Denna Toalett

Concept: “Literal shitpost”
Content: A toilet with paper on it. Not that kind. The one with the legal text.
Writing: Aggressively sarcastic.
Art/design: Practically unreadable.
Usability: For shit-takes. Specifically, Walton’s. 

Forty Fiends

Concept: “From the darkness, they emerged. Of the darkness, they are made.” 
Content: The aforementioned fiends and related diseases, parasites, and tables.
Writing: Themes of infection, subversion, and infestation tie this book of beasts.
Art/design: A mmutilated mashup of tortured illustrations in a stylized but effective layout.
Usability: Rules and description separated and identifiable for ease of reference. 

Graven-Tosk Gravöl

Concept: “Brewed by twice-dead druug monks in dank Grift chambers. Imbibed only at funerals or heretical sacrificial rituals.”
A Mörk Borg Smoked Stout as black as Nechrubel’s heart.
Writing: Gritty as Gravöl
Art/design: Dark, bold, graven, heretical.
Usability: Stjørdal and Gotlandsdricka malts, foraged juniper, all run through a traditional Kuurna. Available in Cognition's taproom in Ishpeming, MI. Worth a trip.

Malevolent Mixtape

Concept: "A custom-printed USB flash drive loaded with free third-party Mörk Borg PDFs by Philip Reed."
Content: A 1 GB Flash Drive, pre-loaded with Philip Reed's Mörk Borg content. 
Writing: An excellent title on a convenient flash drive. *complete with legal text
Art/design: A nostalgic cassette format that feels like a Mörk Borg mix tape.
Usability: Thin profile that could easily fit into a wallet or bag.

Monkey Murder Manor

“The characters venture into the depths of the venerable Manor, attempt to steal treasure, uncover its dark secrets, and kill a lot of monkeys along the way.”

Mörk Borg Monday

Concept: “Add even more misery to your Mondays with this original design by Johan Nohr. And while you’re at it, make sure to follow the Cannibal Curator for weekly rundowns of brand-new Mörk Borg content.”
Content: Mörk Borg Monday, but shirt.
Writing: Not compliant with the Mörk Borg 3rd Party License.
Art/design: Johan Nohr.
Usability: It covers your back, chest, and shoulders—in misery. 


Concept: “First Mug in ELMB.”
Rules for drinking bitter bean water from a cursed vessel
A simple, straightforward paragraph describing mechanics
Yellow on black for easy readability; the illustration recalls Lord Byron
Blurs the line between game and meta, but doubles as an actual coffee mug. Clever clever.

Porkin’ the Void

13 contributors
Concept: “In space, no one can hear you squeal.”
Content: Rules, classes, ships, creatures, gear, settings, tables, generators, and adventures for pigs in space.
Writing: A space opera that simply squeals parody, with rules that are fattened up and ready for slaughter.
Art/design: A grease-slicked modern layout with illustrations varying from rendered near-3D comic illustrations to positively grimy porcine character portraits.
Usability: Reference tables bookend the text, with a clear table of contents to aid in reference. Clear type faces enhance legibility.

RPG Score Book

Concept: “This is a RPG Score Book!”
Content: 58 Character Sheet Spreads.
Writing: A simplification of the core character sheet, containing only sections and headings.
Art/design: Hand-drawn ink illustration with an overall spooky character.
Usability: Each character sheet tucked in a softbound spread, to be burned together at 7:7. 

Sewer Salve

Concept: “The sewer guild has fled leaving these spaces to goblins and other chitter creatures, but they have left behind treasure and small stash of one of their key tools, Sewer Salve.”
Content: “a beard and skin care product that mixes the scents of patchouli, amber, and vetiver for a sweet earth aroma vaguely reminiscent of a urinal cake.”
Writing: I won’t spoil it, but there’s a pretty good pun on the lid.
Art/design: The most metal of yellow sewer grates.
Usability: A spreadable (edible?) urinal cake. I’ll get back to you once I get my hands on it. 

Sin Eater

Concept: “Compatible with Mörk Borg”
Content: A creature. A candle. It eats of your sins.
Writing: Lose your omens. Then you die.
Art/design: Humorously irreverent. Deliciously branded. Clearly consumerist.
Usability: Light it up than snuff it out. It’s a candle. 
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