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30 Days of MÖRK BORG Adventure Chapbook Vol.5

Concept: “Face off against interdimensional horrors, a drug-fueled cult and their terrifying god, and the unrelenting predation of the Mutant Centipede Thing!” 
Content: Three new ways to die... in a hole.
Writing: A sculptor's nightmare world of rock, lead, slag, bronze, drugs, and intelligent sinusoidal waves. Grounded and moving surrealism.
Art/design: Dark, textured, and occasionally effervescent images of spectral manifestations.
Usability: Deep vertical shafts with helpful mini-maps add utility and visual suspense.  

A Waning Light

“To the south, and to the west, to the place where land becomes liquid and oozes into the Endless Sea. Far beyond Targ-Dungel and the festering swamps of the Rotlands lies Fattvëlland, the Great Slick. 

This, they say, is where the giants died. This oil is their blood, their liquid bones, their final gift to the land – a gift taken by darkness, now. The waning light of the cowering sun dares not shine here. Those who bring flames find themselves burning as stars, hot and bright and all too brief, returned to smoke and ash from whence everything came.”
Content: An oil-slicked, guttering, forgotten lantern crawl. With two suffocating dungeons, petroleum-rich expanses, demented myths, and many muddled secrets.
Writing: A melancholy-soaked Molotov, light on memory, heavy with misery. Ready to ignite.
Art/design: Moisture-stained maps, brooding and heavily manipulated photographs, and dark illustrations over an ironclad layout.
Usability: Strong hierarchy and clean legible text. The accompanying album drones in perfect accompaniment. 

Bloody Cap

Concept: “A murderous goblin from the borders of Grift and Graven-Tosk, found where scenes of tyranny and vile deeds have befallen the lands.”
Stats and description of the monster along with a short dungeon lair
Does a good job conveying maliciousness and viciousness
Use of color reinforces the creature’s theme
Some text may be difficult to read, particularly when printed in black and white

Brain Pest

Concept: “After eating some mushrooms from the depths of Sarkash, a tribe of goblins seems to have grown intelligent.
Content: Mushroom powered hyper intelligent goblins.
Writing: Mechanics provide an interesting abstraction of tactical superiority.
Art/design: Tiny goblins plague a victim behind the prominent text bars.
Usability: Bounty not included. 

Creatures of the Dying World

“21 lavishly illustrated monsters and an emphasis on folklore over combat stats”

Cursed Goblin Hunter

Concept: “Outraged by your impending doom, you have sworn to hunt and kill goblins wherever they may be found.”
A class that accumulates goblin-related features and physical attributes; also includes a personal countdown mechanic for conversion or reversion
Fairly straightforward with a grimly witty edge
Relatively conservative with a retro/OSR feel; some subtle work in the illustration visually reinforces the concept
May become more powerful than the average character if they survive the multiple factors working against them

Demon Dogrider / Hellhound

Concept: “Your growth has been stunted by a dark pact that binds you to a canid companion and feeds its fury.”
A lance-wielding goblin class with a beastly mount
Includes standard class profile (the mount, not rider, benefit from class features) and a stat block for the hellhound
Text heavy, but uses color to organize sections and highlight important information
As a composite character, poses certain risks but also provides particular benefits

Enter the DOME-icile

Concept: “Beneath a slab of stone embedded in the rock, The Giant’s skull is found… gray matter rife with malice is the perfect catalyst for progressing the cursed calendar.”
Content: A dungeon in a skull, with an evil wizard.
Writing: Surprisingly amicable for an Arch Wizard, providing advice for apprentices on how to generate new cursed magic items to punish thieving scvm. 
Art/design: Striking visual depictions of the Dome-icile, with chaotic design elements consistent with the Arch Wizard’s Goblin Workforce.
Usability: This dungeon is approachable—through the nose or eyes. The text is navigable—and color coordinated.

Fistful of Creeps

Concept: Five classic RPG monsters with Mörk Borg twists
Stat blocks, descriptive text, and original art
Provides quick overviews of each monster
Excellent monochrome portraits
Lines demarcate entries and connect them with illustrations 

Flail to the Face Episode 1 Companion

Concept: “In honor of our inaugural episode of Flail to the Face” 
Content: “we give you two items created within the episode: the Shit Wig and the Red Hot Crowbar.”
Writing: Tantalizingly hilarious out of context, like an inside joke you want to get in on.
Art/design: Heavy black with yellow text. Both crowbar and wig illustrations have been dutifully recolored.
Usability: I’m sure you’ll find a good reason to pull these out. 

Flail to the Face Episode 3 Companion

Concept: “In honor of our third episode of Flail to the Face, we give you a follower, Brian the Goblin. Enjoy!” 
Content: Brian, the over-eager goblin-man-thing.
Writing: A goblin of surprising refinement and (dis)taste. Retired engineer.
Art/design: Brian. The name is clearly spelled out in the illustration. The A’s a little funny. 
Usability: A smooth-talking goblin who plays both sides. Sure to cause trouble for any scvm he joins. 


Concept: “The Goblant is a hybrid of a Goblin and a Giant Ant, and carries the Goblin curse.”
Content: Like goblins, but worse.
Writing: Just the mechanics. Let the name and depiction do most of the work.
Art/design: Top half art, bottom half text. Back half ant, front half goblin.
Usability: Practically begging for a goblant colony. 

Goblant Drone

Concept: “The Goblant Drone is a hybrid of a Goblin and a Giant Ant, and carries the Goblin curse.”
Content: A worker goblant.
Writing: Just mechanics. The name and depiction do all the work.
Art/design: Top half art, bottom half text. Back half ant, front half goblin. Ready to work.
Usability: It’s probably building the goblant colony. 

Goblant King

Concept: “Wearing only a loincloth and a child's tin crown, this abomination leads the Goblant colony. Armed with a skull-headed sceptre, he is itching for a good fight!”
Content: King of the goblants. Complete with tin crown and skull sceptre.
Writing: The origin of goblants revealed. Magic skull sceptre adds variety to the encounter.
Art/design: Top half art, bottom half text. Back half ant, front half goblin. 
Usability: A goblant colony waiting to happen. All it takes is one. 

Goblet the Goblin and the Horrid Brute

Concept: “A horrible NPC that will make the life of all in the table a little more miserable and hopefully a little more funny as well.”
A goblin merchant who rides around inside (yes, inside) another, gargantuan goblin
Delivers the promised misery and humor (if you’re into body humor)
Text arranged around some very fleshy, visceral illustrations with clever details and well-placed censor bars
Lots of background and description of behavior is helpful for running these two as characters rather than just monsters
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