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Flail to the Face Episode 1 Companion

Concept: “In honor of our inaugural episode of Flail to the Face” 
Content: “we give you two items created within the episode: the Shit Wig and the Red Hot Crowbar.”
Writing: Tantalizingly hilarious out of context, like an inside joke you want to get in on.
Art/design: Heavy black with yellow text. Both crowbar and wig illustrations have been dutifully recolored.
Usability: I’m sure you’ll find a good reason to pull these out. 

Retired Field Grade Merbusberbus

Concept: “IDC just use a fucking goblin. Give it a shitty hat.”
Content: That's it, that’s the content.
Writing: See above, plus some legal text on a pdf.
Art/design: Pink on yellow.
Usability: Technically compatible. Assembly required. 
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