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Axes & Orcs

Magisk Tjej, A Game Of Delinquent School Girls And The Demons They Fight

Concept: “School sucks. Some cutesy space god gave you magical powers. Now you have to fight demons.”
Content: Magical Girls*. Magical School. Fighting Demons.
Writing: As entertainingly sarcastic and angsty as the delinquent magical girls it portrays.
Art/design: Clean and navigable layout, kept entertaining with variety in typographic elements.
Usability: *“You don’t need to be a girl. Your character doesn’t need to be a girl. Neither do you have to Feminine. I mean, you’re playing fucking delinquents.” Work in Progress

Retired Field Grade Merbusberbus

Concept: “IDC just use a fucking goblin. Give it a shitty hat.”
Content: That's it, that’s the content.
Writing: See above, plus some legal text on a pdf.
Art/design: Pink on yellow.
Usability: Technically compatible. Assembly required. 
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