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Abyss of Hallucinations

“Things are exactly what they seem, yet nothing seems to be what it is. What whimsy worms its way into the warped underpinnings of knowledge?”

All's Well At The Macallen Farm

“A farm 
Its occupants 
Its other occupant 
What happens when the PCs decide to visit”
Content: A farmhouse adventure for Cthork Borg.
Writing: A timeline of horrific events both intimate and grandiose in scope. Somehow, it manages to also be funny.
Art/design: Disturbing prints punctuate a tidy single-column layout.
Usability: Clear sections and a table of contents allow for easy reference after review.  

Beyond Deep

9 contributors
Concept: “The secluded mining town of Bereleah has been ground down by the exploitation of Thunder Trove Mining, its inhabitants grasping for survival at the treacherous edge...” 
Content: A company town atop a Black Rock pit of horrors. 6 locations, 6 side quests, 11 artifacts (14 if you count cursed ones), 7 NPCs, and 10 monsters.
Writing: A moral quagmire inspired by the complex relationships and power imbalances of mining communities.
Art/design: Coarse, gritty, and at times dark illustrations and isometric maps in a rich black and white format. Organized two-column layout.
Usability: Highly legible. Available as a soft cover or pdf. 

Challengers of Vanth

Concept:Challengers of Vanth is renting a VHS from the sci-fi rack at the neighborhood video rental shop after midnight.”
Content: A parody of 70s science-fiction/fantasy pop culture, seen through adolescence, writ Mörk Borg.
Writing: Restructures Mörk Borg to better incorporate TRUE SCIENTIFIC REALISM, with significantly expanded abilities, and interactions between scientific and primitive technologies.
Art/design: Retains the character of early RPG illustration and design.
Usability: A substantial core rulebook, bestiary, starter adventure, and excel character generator as separate files. 

Dead Man’s Lands

Concept: “Weird West Role-Playing Game that combines stories of the wild west with classic dungeon themed RPG game tropes.”
Content: The skeleton of Mörk Borg in a cowboy hat and snakeskin boots, playing cards for your soul.
Writing: Mechanically a re-skin of Mörk Borg. The setting of Westlandia sets the stage for a world-shattering conflict between The Gambler and The Farmer. Pick a side, pardner.
Art/design: Clean and serviceable plaintext document.
Usability: Setting first, rules later. Familiar structure. Simple index for table reference. 

Dukk Börg

Concept: “As a hurricane, you approach the gates of Dukk Börg.”
Content: Includes optional rules for Clan and lineage, a thematic Miseries and classes, stats for monsters and NPCs, items, and descriptions of locations within the setting
Writing: Revels in mashing up cyclopean grimdark imagery with Duck lore
Art/design: The diverse typefaces and arrangement of graphic elements scream Mörk Borg while the illustrations combine that spirit with the whimsical grandeur of the works of Carl Barks and Don Rosa.
Usability: It may or may not fit with your vision of Mörk Borg, but it’s a gem in its own right.


Concept: “At the outer edge and beyond lies ASKA […] In the inner circle lies the Sea […] In the centre lies the City”
A sketch of a region and its inhabitants
A paragraph devoted to each area; multi-sensory descriptions of each
Typographically differentiates each area and foregrounds its name; text superimposed over a ground of tormented masses
No mechanics, but a good resource for GMs seeking a starting point for their own imaginings


Concept: “There is nothing but the City.”
A complete, setting-centric RPG based on the Mörk Borg system
Well written with a consistently bleak and visceral tone. (Did you expect anything less?)
Fairly traditional graphic design and layout with illustrations that support the theme well
Verbally and visually graphic in some places

Long Nights

Concept: “A skeletal creature, a prophet and philosopher, dwells upon a mountain of flesh. His touch grants power, escape, and ecstasy; but he is stingy.”
Content: A nocturnal collection of one desert, four monsters, and ten artifacts.
Writing: Deliciously ambiguous. Full of tantalizing details to expand upon at your table.
Art/design: A saturated full-color layout as textured as the dunes and spacious as a desert night.
Usability: Gorgeous and dark. Guaranteed to kill inkjet printers. 

Mork Corp

Concept: “Because if you can't beat them, you might as well get a soul sucking job and try not to cry.” 
Content: “A CORPORATE HANDBOOK OF A GAME. Rules light. Art.... still kinda light.”
Writing: A uproarious collection of corporate jargon, jaded satire, and nihilism. Hell.
Art/design: A kaleidoscope of collage-style digital illustrations, edited photography, and text. A yellow and pink veneer over corporate gray.
Usability: Nightmarish, but inspirational. 


“The old gods are dead, and people are fighting for the right to survive in a world ruled by monsters.”

Morkkabeans 1.1

9 contributors
Concept: “A new religion has arisen in the desert. Worshiping the Unnamable God of Names, blaspheming against SHE and HE, promising the revolt. Galgenbeck has sent its inquisitors.  The half-giant Nephilim walk the earth. If you join them, almost certain death awaits.”
Content: An escalating tower crawl of nameless gods and religious conflict. Complete with three new classes, gear, artifacts, angels, Nephilim, and mythical creatures. 
Writing: An absolutely metal reinterpretation of Jewish history and folklore.
Art/design: A spectacle of artistic styles as varied as the tower of tongues.
Usability: Visual styles delineate sections. VTT resources available. 

Mud Future

Concept: “A science-fiction hellscape for MÖRK BORG, where the desperate folk try to survive as capitalism slowly destroys the world”
Includes alternate Miseries, gear, enemies, and rules for Powers
Tone is appropriately bitter with a subtle undertone of humor
Aesthetics are a luxury alien to your cyber-scvm
Content is organized into neat, self-contained categories

Nobunaga's Black Castle - Rules

8 contributors
Concept: “「信長の黒い城」は、織田信長が本能寺で死なず、本当の第六天魔王になった闇の戦国時代を舞台にした、戦国ドゥーム・メタル・ファンタジーTRPGである。(‘Nobunaga's Black Castle’ is a Sengoku doom metal fantasy TRPG set in the dark Warring States period when Nobunaga Oda did not die in Honnoji and became the true Demon King of the Sixth Heaven.)”
Content: Mörk Borg set in an alternate doomed Warring States period. With rules, classes, monsters, and three scenarios.
Writing: Congruent elements establish a cursed alternative history.
Art/design: A bold and bloody tapestry.
Usability: Strong visual style and a comprehensive index make a suitable reference. GM screen available.

On the Bones of Bathala

Concept: “On the Bones of Bathala is a grimdark game inspired by Ancient Philippines and Filipino folklore creatures.”
Includes alternate apocalyptic lore, setting-specific character creation and rules, gear, and monsters
Maintains Mörk Borg’s tone and focus but adds a markedly more-condescending attitude and humor
Graphic design and layout all show Nohr’s influence but tend toward more distinctly liberal utilization of space and an aesthetic that leans more toward clear mimesis than affective expression
A stand-alone, fully functional product exploding with character

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“I’m completely blown away by how much content is packed into this stylish, evocative RPG that blends unique mythopoeia with doom. Heck, there’s even dedicated sections for character creation and GM content!! The premise is ‘simple’ (you dive into Lambana, the Great Balete Tree in the Old World, to seek fulfillment of a deep desire) but the brief prompts offer the foundation for a creative GM to build a crazy, multilayered world where one-eyed giants, rotting humanoids, and half-horse half-men roam an ever-shifting environment. I can’t praise the content, theme and even illustration highly enough.”

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