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A Tomb of Twins

Concept: “A shadow looms over Dreklow.” 
Content: A vial-fueled, twin filled, betrayal of a tomb crawl.
Writing: A tomb complex of factions, puzzles, mystery, and plenty of backstabbing.
Art/design: Dark, fluid, and scoured mixed media entombed in a clean two-column layout.
Usability: Consistency in structure and hierarchy make quick reference. 

A Waning Light

“To the south, and to the west, to the place where land becomes liquid and oozes into the Endless Sea. Far beyond Targ-Dungel and the festering swamps of the Rotlands lies Fattvëlland, the Great Slick. 

This, they say, is where the giants died. This oil is their blood, their liquid bones, their final gift to the land – a gift taken by darkness, now. The waning light of the cowering sun dares not shine here. Those who bring flames find themselves burning as stars, hot and bright and all too brief, returned to smoke and ash from whence everything came.”
Content: An oil-slicked, guttering, forgotten lantern crawl. With two suffocating dungeons, petroleum-rich expanses, demented myths, and many muddled secrets.
Writing: A melancholy-soaked Molotov, light on memory, heavy with misery. Ready to ignite.
Art/design: Moisture-stained maps, brooding and heavily manipulated photographs, and dark illustrations over an ironclad layout.
Usability: Strong hierarchy and clean legible text. The accompanying album drones in perfect accompaniment. 

Abyss of Hallucinations

“Things are exactly what they seem, yet nothing seems to be what it is. What whimsy worms its way into the warped underpinnings of knowledge?”

Abyss of Hallucinations, Vol 2

7 contributors
Concept: “None remains but thought, and this verily is false”
Content: A guidebook to the abyss and its transformations. 9 “Locations”, 12 occult relics, Chaos, 6 denizens of the abyss, D77 Corpses, arcane Miseries, a dungeon generator, and a damn anti-puzzle. Not to mention the included chance at rebirth.
Writing: Highly symbolic, deeply layered. At times tragic, ironic, paradoxical, and funny. You’ll get out what you put in. Honestly, “Do what thou wilt”
Art/design: A gorgeous physical specimen, clad in textured pink and gold.
Usability: Strong map illustrations, stylized headers, and clear structure lend clarity to a chaotic realm. 

All's Well At The Macallen Farm

“A farm 
Its occupants 
Its other occupant 
What happens when the PCs decide to visit”
Content: A farmhouse adventure for Cthork Borg.
Writing: A timeline of horrific events both intimate and grandiose in scope. Somehow, it manages to also be funny.
Art/design: Disturbing prints punctuate a tidy single-column layout.
Usability: Clear sections and a table of contents allow for easy reference after review.  

Beyond Deep

9 contributors
Concept: “The secluded mining town of Bereleah has been ground down by the exploitation of Thunder Trove Mining, its inhabitants grasping for survival at the treacherous edge...” 
Content: A company town atop a Black Rock pit of horrors. 6 locations, 6 side quests, 11 artifacts (14 if you count cursed ones), 7 NPCs, and 10 monsters.
Writing: A moral quagmire inspired by the complex relationships and power imbalances of mining communities.
Art/design: Coarse, gritty, and at times dark illustrations and isometric maps in a rich black and white format. Organized two-column layout.
Usability: Highly legible. Available as a soft cover or pdf. 

Cast Away

Concept: “Souls will grow and wither as the ages pass, joining the sand that welcomes new, desperate Castaways to its shores.” 
Content: Standalone island survival horror. Full of mysteries, afflictions, and terrors both supernatural and mercilessly mundane.
Writing: A gorgeous set of core mechanics to keep your Castaways tired, injured, hungry, and desperate. With a whimsically brooding setting that will leave them feeling haunted and curious.
Art/design: A collection of soft and vibrant illustrations (often recontextualized) with haunting marginalia builds the sense of wonder and suspense matching the setting's tone.
Usability: Pragmatically organized for reference and play. 

Challengers of Vanth

Concept:Challengers of Vanth is renting a VHS from the sci-fi rack at the neighborhood video rental shop after midnight.”
Content: A parody of 70s science-fiction/fantasy pop culture, seen through adolescence, writ Mörk Borg.
Writing: Restructures Mörk Borg to better incorporate TRUE SCIENTIFIC REALISM, with significantly expanded abilities, and interactions between scientific and primitive technologies.
Art/design: Retains the character of early RPG illustration and design.
Usability: A substantial core rulebook, bestiary, starter adventure, and excel character generator as separate files. 


Content: Twenty fiends, mortal and infernal. The conflicts of Demon and Basilisks. And two new classes for suffering scvm.
Writing: Excruciating and gratuitous torment, exquisitely detailed excess. Diametrically opposed forces in conflict. You know, demons.
Art/design: A tastefully restrained selection of torture illustrations, all painted red, adorn this infernal textscape. 
Usability: Available in a, less bloody, print-friendly version.  

Dead Man’s Lands

Concept: “Weird West Role-Playing Game that combines stories of the wild west with classic dungeon themed RPG game tropes.”
Content: The skeleton of Mörk Borg in a cowboy hat and snakeskin boots, playing cards for your soul.
Writing: Mechanically a re-skin of Mörk Borg. The setting of Westlandia sets the stage for a world-shattering conflict between The Gambler and The Farmer. Pick a side, pardner.
Art/design: Clean and serviceable plaintext document.
Usability: Setting first, rules later. Familiar structure. Simple index for table reference. 

Dukk Börg

Concept: “As a hurricane, you approach the gates of Dukk Börg.”
Content: Includes optional rules for Clan and lineage, a thematic Miseries and classes, stats for monsters and NPCs, items, and descriptions of locations within the setting
Writing: Revels in mashing up cyclopean grimdark imagery with Duck lore
Art/design: The diverse typefaces and arrangement of graphic elements scream Mörk Borg while the illustrations combine that spirit with the whimsical grandeur of the works of Carl Barks and Don Rosa.
Usability: It may or may not fit with your vision of Mörk Borg, but it’s a gem in its own right.

Enemies Closer

Concept: “The price of doing business”  
Content: Faction mechanics, reputation, lore, and a scenario generator for Pharmagothica.
Writing: Some wild and thoroughly amusing factions to help/hinder your freelancers.
Art/Design: Classic art once again stands in contrast to a modern-day US bioweapons wasteland.
Usability: A functional, organized, and inspirational guide. Requires Pharmagothica.

Factions of the Dying World

Concept: “Descriptions of places, architecture, fashion and factions of Mörk Borg.” 
Content: A setting guide of the major cities and regions of the Dying World.
Writing: A political treatise on the various polities and cultures in informative prose.
Art/design: Representative figures for each faction are presented in rich charcoal. 
Usability: A primer for those who would like just a little more structure in their planning. 

Farewell to Arms REDUX (Ashcan Version)

Concept: “The Dying Lands have never been peaceful... Yet now, few would call that old world violent – not like this.”  
Content: A setting primer, sample adventure, and rules for playing Grvnt’s in the Dying Lands.
Writing: Clear introduction and tutorial to the alternate rules and setting, with guidance on where the complete game will expand upon them.
Art/Design: A colorful but simple layout, minimal but well-chosen art, designed for practical reference. 
Usability: Ready for war. Or at least a skirmish. 

Flail to the Face Episode 5 Companion

Concept: “In honor of our fifth episode of Flail to the Face, we give you the "battery" that our GM ran us through as a travel montage of sorts. Enjoy!” 
Content: A walk through the Valley of the Unfortunate Undead
Writing: Desolate tables capture the valley’s supernaturally oppressive melancholy. With GM annotations full of helpful advice.
Art/design: Barren amber valleys desiccate under clouded golden skies. 
Usability: References, “Eat, Prey, Kill”, “D66 Flails”, and “Candelabra of Blood”. 
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