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A Tomb of Twins

Concept: “A shadow looms over Dreklow.” 
Content: A vial-fueled, twin filled, betrayal of a tomb crawl.
Writing: A tomb complex of factions, puzzles, mystery, and plenty of backstabbing.
Art/design: Dark, fluid, and scoured mixed media entombed in a clean two-column layout.
Usability: Consistency in structure and hierarchy make quick reference. 

Crypt Guard

Concept: “He fashioned himself an armour with the tombs of his loved ones... It was highly impractical but terribly efficient”
Content: “Heavy” Armor.
Writing: -1d6+2. What more do you want?
Art/design: A menacing tomb gate stands closed before our boxed text. 
Usability: It's also DR+4 to all Agility tests except defense. 

Cuore di Cane/Dog's days are over

Concept: “‘Old tales are told about the Sepulchre beyond the marshes. It's said to be haunted by the spirits of the dead,’ she murmurs... ‘Many set out to plunder the dead, and none ever return.’” 
Content: A heart-crushing, marsh-trudging, corpse-raising sepulcher crawl.
Writing: A sense of sanctity embodies its dungeon descriptions, contrasting the poverty and desperation of the Galgenbeck alley rumors which frame the adventure.
Art/design: Desiccated gray-scale memento mori highlight a structured top-down map and tidy two-column layout.
Usability: Illustrated and plain maps are available separately. Adventure is presented in both English and Italian. 

From Bloody Angels Fell Venemous Truths

“The graves are disturbed
The weeping won’t stop
Delve deep
Delve true
Content: An angel weeping, zombie bleeding tomb crawl.
Writing: Compact mechanics with descriptive fragments to embellish at the table.
Art/design: Simple polished black and yellow dungeon. Text boxes separate locations, encounters, and creatures.
Usability: Easy to reference. Pre-reading enhances understanding.

Graves Left Wanting

Concept: “The PCs find themselves buried alive in the vast, ever-changing cemetery of Graven-Tosk.”
Content: A macabre, nonlinear graveyard crawl
Relentlessly grim with splashes of gallows humor, especially at the end
Monochrome with purple highlights set the atmosphere beautifully
Well-organized into sections that include relevant stat blocks


Concept: “You’ve heard whispers of a collector, deep in the Sarkash forest who pays handsomely for the corpses of men.”
Content: Graverobbery for a mysterious benefactor.
Writing: A simple organic reproduction of a violently transformational movie.
Art/design: Loud compositions, vibrant colors, grunge, and visual interest.
Usability: Memorable, referenceable, legible. 

Lord of Chains

7 contributors
Concept:Rob a grave. Steal a blade. Kill the Lord of Chains.
Content: A Graven-Tosk digging, Sarkash roaming, Bastion storming, Shadow King’s prophecy averting point crawl. 
Writing: Energetic and near melodramatic plot sets the tone for a truly torturous adventure.
Art/design: Loud when it ought to be, quiet when it counts. Metal throughout.
Usability: Self-contained, shadowed, and bound in iron chains. 

Manor Most Foul

Concept: “Greed, gore, romance? None of that matters as long as you can get to the hidden vault” 
Content: A lovingly macabre manor crawl.
Writing: A tragic love story (of sorts), reenacting its terrible pursuit this night for your voyeuristic pleasure.
Art/design: Full of coarse texture and bright color, a feast for the eyes, with a surprising emphasis on the eyes.
Usability: I'm not joking about the eyes. I may have exaggerated the voyeuristic pleasure. 

Morbid Cache

Concept: “Necromancers are lazy bastards, hence why they make such scrolls.”
Content: A scroll to turn tombs into storage trunks.
Writing: Delightfully simple and open-ended desecration.
Art/design: A yellow spirit stalks behind the black boxed text.
Usability: Despoil or withdraw from the bank of the dead at any nearby gravesite. 

Mörk Borg Cult: Heretic

9 contributors
Concept: “A zine full of MÖRK BORG stuff. Most of it is created by our wonderful community and will be (or already is) made available for free download on, but there is also exclusive official material.”
Generators for cults and curses, feats, 2 classes, black-powder weapons, 2 long adventures, a pair of 1-page dungeons, and a quartet of monsters/NPCs
Varies by author but consistently emphasizes images and concepts that are grim, creepy, and/or outright weird
Every entry’s layout, graphic design, and coloration are distinct, creating a lot of visual diversity and easy navigability; sweet foil printing on the cover and first page; fold-out covers just to cram as much content into this zine as possible
The only obstacle is deciding what to read first.

Restful Spirits

Concept: “Restful Spirits is an optional rule for dealing with cranky ghosts in Mörk Borg. It was inspired by Emmy Wahlbäck and her character Grin.”
Rules to soothe the restless dead. A poem to rest your weary head.
Rules embedded in verse that uplifts rather than shies away from the dead.
Charming colored sketches illustrate proper ghost etiquette alongside the text.
Suitable for use in a child-friendly Mörk Borg hack.

The Lich of Föhrenöd

7 contributors
Concept: “Lady Neszeka, they say, is sealed in the crypt. Dead, but not gone.”
Content: A heretical crypt crawl.
Writing: A complete and self-contained micro-setting. With the abridged history of Lady Neszeka, her domain, as well as its major players. 
Art/design: An engaging printer friendly layout with consistent design elements and crisp inky character illustrations.
Usability: Suitable for both dungeon crawling and narrative play. 

The Lonely Throne

Concept: “It is said that that those who sit upon this ‘Lonely Throne’ […] can attract the attention of something buried deep under Graven-Tosk that can grant them treasures and forbidden knowledge… for a price.”
12 random encounters, 3 otherworldly entities, 21 rewards, 8 consequences, and more adventure possibilities than I feel like calculating
A clever concept well executed with lots of descriptive flair
Organized for usability with illustrations and other graphic elements that contribute atmosphere
Linear, dual-column layout makes the document easy to read and navigate

The Tomb of Lost Souls

Concept: “Left without victims, the necromancers resolved to become undeads and wait for a new era... The tomb of Lost Souls was forgotten... until now. 
What the hell are you doing here?”
Content: A soul-stealing necro-crawl.
Writing: Descriptive and full of soul. Small dramatic touches add motivation and direction to encounters.
Art/design: A blast of yellow with a detailed and well-structured overhead map. Pink, white, and black text elements scream for attention. 
Usability: Fairly legible for pink text. References Grave Matters. 
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