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Jeremy Hart


Concept: “6 new optional classes for use with MÖRK BORG” 
Content: A brute, manipulator, shade, collector, hunter, and swarm of insects walk into a bar...
Writing: Accessible class concepts with commanding character features.
Art/design: High-contrast, black-and-white illustrations with a solid orange accent splashed across its disturbed spreads.
Usability: Legible sans-serif body text in an accessible design. 

Creature Feature Quarterly vol. 1

Concept: “17 new monsters for your Mork Borg games”
Entries include stats, descriptions, lore, hooks, tactics, and loot
Concise stat blocks and lots of elaboration in additional sections
Original illustrations of each creature and clearly, consistently delineated text components
Includes paper minis and VTT tokens; copious layers in the PDF may impede browsing on less-powerful devices

Creatures Feature Cards

Concept: “A new monster for your Mork Borg game!” 
Content: A series of A5 creature cards with stats, print tokens, and VTT icons.
Writing: Stats, abilities, lore, adventure seeds, and loot on each card. 
Art/design: Detailed and distressing monster concept illustrations in a variety of bold colors and styles.
Usability: A self-contained monster card to easily drop into your game. 

Nine Terrible Beasts for the Dying World

Concept: "All of the nine monsters within may either be used as the focal point of a monster hunting session, as addition to an existing dungeon or as an encounter on the road or during a journey through the wilds or the country side.”
Content: Nine varieties of beast. With included scenarios and hooks.
Writing: Fully formed. With notes on ecology, habits, and common superstitions. Includes detailed and specific encounters of every variety.
Art/design: A text-heavy two-column layout on stained parchment with fierce black and white illustrations of each creature.
Usability: A legible, navigable, traditional layout. 

The Lich of Föhrenöd

7 contributors
Concept: “Lady Neszeka, they say, is sealed in the crypt. Dead, but not gone.”
Content: A heretical crypt crawl.
Writing: A complete and self-contained micro-setting. With the abridged history of Lady Neszeka, her domain, as well as its major players. 
Art/design: An engaging printer friendly layout with consistent design elements and crisp inky character illustrations.
Usability: Suitable for both dungeon crawling and narrative play. 

The Troll of Njernheim

7 contributors
Concept: “a small scenario about an isolated village, a troll and the adventures of the characters while hunting said troll for a reward.”
Content: A troll extermination forest crawl.
Writing: An established micro-setting, with a complex village, forest adventure, and random encounters.
Art/design: Strong cover illustration, with the occasional spot illustration in a crisp two-column layout.
Usability: Complete adventure format that lends itself to advanced reading. 
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