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Concept: “6 new optional classes for use with MÖRK BORG” 
Content: A brute, manipulator, shade, collector, hunter, and swarm of insects walk into a bar...
Writing: Accessible class concepts with commanding character features.
Art/design: High-contrast, black-and-white illustrations with a solid orange accent splashed across its disturbed spreads.
Usability: Legible sans-serif body text in an accessible design. 

Chapel of Pain

Concept: “In the halls of the dead where flayed men wander, the darkness snuffs out the light. It tears the flames from candle and log.”
Content: A dark temple crawl through a cult of shadows.
Writing: A gory supernatural survival horror. Makes use of light as a resource to maintain suspense.
Art/design: Traditional adventure layout. Gridded, un-gridded, and notated map. Handout images for significant adventure features.
Usability: Not actually a pain. 

Dread Nights

6 contributors
Concept: “Honest work for those with a death wish, a lack of fear, or just desperate enough to do anything.” 
Content: A standalone gaslamp era gothic horror expansion for Forbidden Psalm, including 15 creatures of the night, infections, and a gothic horror themed campaign of grisly nocturnal scenarios.
Writing: Familiar horror tales stalk just beyond the illumination provided by clear mechanics and crisp scenarios.
Art/design: An elegantly restrained palette of red, black, and white. Shadowed by macabre illustrations in a variety of styles.
Usability: Clear index, reliable sections, quick reference, roster sheets, and consistent formatting make it a utilitarian wargaming rulebook. 

Fate's Folly

Concept: “Slowly, slowly, the wheel begins to turn, dragging you into its unending journey.” 
Content: An abbreviated tour of the wheel of fate.
Writing: Six randomized stages of a fool’s journey, manifest as (potentially) miserable encounters.
Art/design: Select tarot imagery presented to provide inspiration and context for each new chamber.
Usability: For a satisfying evening trapped by temptation and diversion, also available in plain text. 


Concept: “The shadow of ignorance consumes it all, only the risky path of the search of knowledge may tear it's grasp.” 
Content: An illuminated relic, a bringer of shadow more than a giver of light.
Writing: Firmly placed the dying lands and framed for likely encounters.
Art/design: A psychedelic candle-lit altar. In shades of pink, purple, and green. 
Usability: Casually columnated text creates a sense of confusion and anxiety. Similar to the relic itself. 


Concept: “A collection of the MOST DISGUSTING and terribly vile MONSTERS!” 
Content: Twenty of them, to be a little more specific.
Writing: Horrendously hilarious creations from tormented traditions. Malformed for the morbidly curious.
Art/design: Sharp points and serrated edges brutalize the darkly patterned forms of this miserable tome, contrasted occasionally by excruciatingly clinical white.
Usability: Richly stylized only where they know you’ll work for it. Legible everywhere it counts. 


Concept: “No one knows where they came from, the Endless Sea, distant stars or somewhere else entirely. But here they are.” 
Content: Creatures that fly in the dark and have tentacles. Eight of them in fact.
Writing: Some hefty stats for a flying cephalopod.
Art/design: Equal parts smooth alien caricature and anatomically correct tentacles.
Usability: Drops easily onto any scvm’s head. 


Concept: “They owed their success to magic rings stolen... but as quickly as they became legendary... they mysteriously disappeared...”
Content: A ring of shadows.
Writing: A powerful artifact balanced by a powerful drawback.
Art/design: A magical assassination obscured by rules text.
Usability: Whatever you do, don’t fail (with the ring on). 

Tajemnice Eterycznej Twierdzy

Concept: “Widoczne w oddali ruiny twierdzy zakrzywiają otaczającą rzeczywistość. Światło wydaje się być wciągane wgłąb czarnych murów. Dlaczego tu przyszliście? To teraz bez znaczenia. Ważniejsze jest czy i jak stąd wyjdziecie.” 
Content: A time-frozen, flesh-warping, light-sucking fortress crawl.
Writing: An entertaining mix of motivated factions in a situation that’s ready to spiral out of control. In short, a good night of Mörk Borg.
Art/design: Dark and menacing AI-generated figures haunt a simple map in a tri-fold layout.
Usability: Organized into clear sections, legible, Polish. 

Tomb of the Old Dead One

Concept: “Treasure hunters, a bottomless pit with a terrible secret, long-forgotten cells containing the corpses of people nobody remembers anymore, and the animated skull of a necromancer giant. What more do you need?”
Content: A dungeon with a necromancer’s animated giant skull giant animated necromancer skull necromancer giant’s animated skull.
Writing: Short and sweet, lets the mechanics tell the story. with clear references to the core rules where needed.
Art/design: A simple and accessible map of pink and yellow surrounded with alternating lay colored blocks of text.
Usability: Text coloration allows for easy visual reference and navigation.

Whispers in The Darkness

Concept: “a collection of four dark MÖRK BORG adventures that will take you through a weird lovecraftian trip.”
Content: A transformative four-adventure experience.
Writing: A slightly detached and understated style that slowly ratchets up the tension to a horrifying conclusion.
 Art/design: Gorgeously detailed maps in a clear and structured black-and-white design.
Usability: Consistent textual cues and a clean layout are ideal for use at the table.

Witch Eater

Concept: “In the Witching Hour, these hungry creatures come calling for a bite to eat.” 
Content: Magic eating, many mouthed shadow serpents
Writing: Makes deftly malicious use of the mighty d4, and number 7, and unlucky 13.
Art/design: A striking blend of header and serpent stalking a vertical design.
Usability: d2 is there too, in the shadows. 
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