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Concept: “They thought that all of Anuk Schleger's Scriptures were uncovered. I wish they had been right.”
Content: Rules, Tables, Character Traits, Diseases, Treatment & Body Mods, Dungeons, Bounties, Followers, Gear, Summoning, Monsters, Monstrous Classes. A little of everything.
Writing: A variety show with distinct blends of humor and horror throughout.
Art/design: Dementedly scrawled art and public domain images cut through with Mörk Borgian Design Sensibilities
Usability: Clear rules, table of contents, thoughtful page references at the beginning of the monster section. 


Concept: “6 new optional classes for use with MÖRK BORG” 
Content: A brute, manipulator, shade, collector, hunter, and swarm of insects walk into a bar...
Writing: Accessible class concepts with commanding character features.
Art/design: High-contrast, black-and-white illustrations with a solid orange accent splashed across its disturbed spreads.
Usability: Legible sans-serif body text in an accessible design. 


Concept: “An ill Omen, or perhaps merely a consequence... 
The bad news never come alone, and this thing is the herald of doom.” 
Content: A dark horse, leaving famine in its wake.
Writing: Mechanics that leave your scvm violently hungry.
Art/design: A series of tortured image-generated horses.
Usability: Bordered text over illustrations may hinder legibility. Designed for Forbidden Psalm 

Göran's Reavers

Concept: “Göran is the son of a mighty chief whose lack of devotion to the gods of blood ended when Göran ate his face. Now he rules his reavers with an iron fist and a savage spiked axe. His title as Usurper is coveted.”
Content: A faction of reavers worshiping gods of blood.
Writing: Backgrounds and mechanics complicate and enrich a faction that might otherwise be monolithic.
Art/design: A clean legible layout full of bloody worship.
Usability: Drop wherever you need a little more blood.


Concept: “In the town of Harrowshade, tucked away in northern Grift, a somber gloom engulfs the lives of the inhabitants.” 
Content: A Sölitary Defilement Grift-crawl to string you along and leave you in stitches.
Writing: Contains enough rotten detail for engaging solo or GM-less play. With secrets hidden in the navigable text.
Art/design: Inky illustrations and rich textures in a fluid and navigable layout.
Usability: Contains portions of The Grisly Fare, The Fleshmonger, and Vorgs by Unit Six. Available in a variety of full-color and print-friendly formats.

Man And Beast

Content: A collection of creatures and features that blur the boundary of man and beast.
Writing: Sapient mechanics for visceral beings.
Art/design: Fangs and teeth. Text occasionally unclots into the color of blood.
Usability: Available in print-friendly or lightly blooded. 

Noblesse Tyrannise

Concept: “The corroding nobility hide away from the coming end... quieting the fear in their hearts with extravagant opulence. And who is left to deal with it? 
Content: Seven settings of gross decadence, fifteen self-indulgent monsters, and one seditious serving-scvm.
Writing: A functional mechanization of the worst sort of rumors about nobility.
Art/design: Elegantly stylized and lightly accented text.
Usability: Immaculately organized. 


Concept: “Those who suffer these Miseries and perish with them shall be reborn too. Suffer with them, in everlasting Misery.”
Content: A dead basilisks’ dreamcrawl.
Writing: A tortured text with misery lying just below the surface. A dying world dress rehearsal, complete with psalms.
Art/design: Strong cover illustration and design elements support a tortured narrative. 
Usability: Clear rules pamphlet with a self-contained map. Available in full color, print-friendly, and digital formats. 

What’s Black As Night

“Pine trees rearranging,
Permafrost crushing,
Colorful berries dot the void,
Bitter winds howl on frozen trees,
Red stain of fresh kill,
Snowfall entombs.” 
Content: A frigid, howling, blood-splattered forest crawl.   
Writing: A Grimm amalgamation of storybook wolves in all their gory detail.
Art/design: A vivid hybridization of illustration styles splattered in blood and red text.
Usability: Available in full-color gothic and plain text. With a player map and bonus wallpaper. 

You Repugnant Hunters

Concept: “Players acquire hunting seals which allow them to hunt monstrosities too putrid for the average hero.”
Rules for monster-of-the-week play, unique scvm advancement, and tools of evisceration.
Writing: Disgustingly evocative prose, disturbingly flexible mechanics, and visceral handouts.
Art/design: Bloody two-tone style with art and layout that’s both slick and gritty.
Usability: Separate player rules handout to facilitate spoiler free reference. Hunting seal handouts provide quick visual cue of advanced character abilities and role in a hunting party.

This entry was sponsored by DW Dagon as part of the Ex Libris RPG crowdfunding campaign.
"‘YOU REPUGNANT HUNTERS’ has rules and some sticky flavor for running a dark/metal fantasy campaign where players acquire hunting seals which allow them to hunt monstrosities too putrid for the average hero. Hunters undergo a ritual to get a Hunting Insignia which will determine their style of hunting and type of prey. Hunting down and ceremonially eviscerating unique prey will lead to appeasing a Hunting Insignia, and gaining occult powers and gross-yet-handy items."
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