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character traits

Cruel Chains

Concept: “What CRUEL CHAINS bind you to this miserable wretch?"
Content: A d68 table of interpersonal misery.
Writing: Some truly wretched (and often funny) relationships, with occasional bonus rolls for even more variety.
Art/design: List with a disturbing variety of typefaces (except for page 5). A varied of (sometimes filtered) public domain imagery and photographs.
Usability: Available in full color and black & white. 

Curious Conversations for Questionable Characters

Concept: “Give your scum some personality and increase the thrill of mortal danger.”
Content: Traits, Motivations, and campfire conversation for any scvm.
Writing: Short role-playing prompts to encourage character development, with simple instructions on when and how to use them.
Art/design: Bordered text incorporates yellow and pink amidst AI-generated illustrations of dour conversations.
Usability: Bordered text may inhibit readability on smaller displays. 

Fascinations And Aversions

Concept: “a rules expansion that adds Miseries to the Mork Borg hack: Cthork Borg
Content: Long-term maladies and consequences for investigators.
Writing: Frighteningly specific descriptions of strange curses and conditions backed up by concise mechanical effects. 
Art/design: Clean and crisp design enhanced by the strangely sensuous illustrations of Paul Gauguin and Aubrey Beardsley.
Usability: Requires of Cthork Borg's Stability mechanics and assumes Cthork Borg’s 1920s setting.  

Fiery Joust

Concept: “A patch of scorched land... a dueling circle... reclaimed by local villagers but for much less dignified purposes.”
Content: Bare-Knuckle boxing for fun and profit.
Writing: Effective mechanics and engaging lore.
Art/design: Some poor scvm with a block of text for a head.
Usability: Great little downtime event to while away the Miseries. 

Mental Maladies

Concept: “An extension to the bad habits table… Every cloud could have a silver lining; there may even be a small upside, however slight.”
Content: Bad habits with a little extra nuance.
Writing: A nuanced take on fantasy traumas. Not too clinical, not too fantastic.
Art/design: A tumbling two-column layout astride a tormented parchment illustration.
Usability: Mental health depictions in rules are always simplifications. Please be considerate at your table. Your results may vary. 

Scvmbirther Exclusive Content

Concept: “A Compiled PDF of all Scvmbirther exclusive content with rules for using it at the table!”
Content: Additional class abilities for Fanged Deserter and Wretched Royalty as well as optional results for weapons, armor, gear, Terrible Traits, Broken Bodies, and Bad Habits rolls; includes directions for incorporating content into character creation
Writing: On par with the core book’s quality
Art/design: Primarily typographical, but choices make for easy reading and use
Usability: A minimally intrusive way to add new content to character generation  


Concept: “A collection of terrible traits, bad habits, and bodily features” (featured in Scvmbirther)
Additional quirks and foibles to flesh out characters
Very aligned with Nilsson’s grit and wit
Conservative but still thematically aligned; some clever use of sub/superscript
A handy supplement for a high-mortality game

Note: Published prior to release of formal third-party license; semi-semi-official-ish

Scvmfurther 2: Scvmfurtherer

Concept: “Another collection of terrible traits, bad habits, and bodily features” (featured in Scvmatorium)
Even more quirks and foibles to flesh out (or in some cases de-flesh) characters
Just look at the title—how could this be bad?
Conservative but includes characteristic elements like multiple typefaces and highlighting
Yet more options for players with perennially unlucky characters

Suffering Extended

Concept: “Alternative rules and extended content”
Includes new options for starting equipment, companions, class-specific unarmed attacks, weapons, artifacts, armor, critical hit locations, bad habits, familiars, names, pack animals, minor items, and musical instruments
Captures the core book’s grim humor and tone
Strong Mörk Borg aesthetic; sets itself apart with blue that harkens back to the core rulebook
Well laid out; available in single page and spread versions for convenience

Tales from the Gutter - MÖRK BORG

Concept: “Inherit a vicious baby wyrm. Die during character creation. Become a contortionist. Get mocked by your fellow players. Get an objective and hidden motivations. Wield strange new powers. Beg, cheat, and steal.”
Content: A life path character generator for scvm like us.
Writing: Dramatic (and strange) scenarios provide texture for player improvisation at the table. 
Art/design: Colored lithographic print backgrounds provide a consistent visual style across the life path. Text boxes, visual guides, and color coded text allow for creative elements of the layout to remain easily navigable.
Usability: Clear visual indications for instructive text establish clear session 0 expectations. Requires the group to be present and engaged to be utilized fully.


Concept: “The tar greets you warmly”
Content: A Tar’Pir merchant. With boons to give.
Writing: A delightful mixture of childlike whimsy and terror. A naive horror.
Art/design: Delightfully drippy. Delicious contrast between light and dark.
Usability: Available at any tar pit near you, both illustrated and plaintext. 

Terribler, Brokener, Badder

Concept: “More optional character creation tables”
d66 tables of terribler traits, brokener bodies, and badder habits
Each entry is quick and concise but with plenty of roleplay potential
Laid out and designed for easy use, but includes some fun typographic easter eggs
A solid expansion of the core book’s options

The Church of the Blob

Concept: “A Horrible scenario in witch you are force by slimes to either give one of your limbs or become a slime yourself!”
Content: The father of all slime patches upon the endless sea.
Writing: Full of substance, especially when that substance is body horror, or slime.
Art/design: An array of slimy little stinkers that look adorable until you remember they took your right arm.
Usability: When you need to mix up your party (into a fine slurry) 


Concept: “1. Create a character 2. Have an EGG implanted inside you. 3. DIE...”
Content: A second chance at death.
Writing: Casually disgusting, clinically disturbing, implanted with body horror.
Art/design:  I hate to imagine what that man is doing with so many EGGs.
Usability: For the auto-cannibalistic Scvm. 

The Loss of All Hope

Concept: “Rules inspired by the sanity or stress systems in various RPGs.”
Content: Words to lose hope by.
Writing: A fatal descent into bad habits and hopelessness. 
Art/design: Violent imagery and sharp design in stark red-and-white across a weeping void.
Usability: Simple and self-contained. Jagged font makes for a delicate read. 
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