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Bonfire Bound

Concept: “Night has fallen in this once great land. Where eternal fires illuminated the great reign of the Lords, now only ashes and glowing embers remain.” 
Content: A souls-like setting with “undead player characters, dodging, parrying, backstabbing, invading phantoms and the looming threat of going hollow.”
Writing: Rules that place emphasis on equipment attributes and a risk-reward reaction system to abstract strategic gameplay.
Art/design: A two-columned structure with dark and opulently recolored prints.
Usability: A functional but ongoing work in progress. Still in development. 

Box of Shadows

Concept: “The dry cracked earth of the city now spews a scentless dark black fog. … Rumors of this substance taking form and hunting down those that travel without a lamp or torch have become ever more prevalent.”
A sprawling sandbox-style adventure set amidst a sinister miasma emerging in Grift
Incorporates copious descriptions, in-game documents, and random tables to add flavor to play; also includes numerous monsters, NPCs, and items
Incorporates original and found art into exuberant designs and diverse layouts
Includes copious reference sheets, handouts, and topic-specific indices for GMs and players to use during play; GM-eyes-only material is segregated to facilitate more exciting solo play

Böwhoss’ handbook: notes on internal ignition

Concept: “In this volume you will find the most noteworthy, dangerous and strange encounters of my recent voyages.”
A variety of NPCs, monsters, and other hazards as well as a new scroll, a malevolent mushroom, an optional Misery-related madness, a relatively benign tavern, and a much less benign inn
The first-person POV and travelogue style have a folksy and often irreverent tone
Typefaces, engravings, and paintings reinforce the concept while other graphic elements lend some insidious and esoteric atmosphere
Includes player-facing handouts that include lore but no mechanics or GM-specific information


Concept: “Freak out your friends' mage characters with this spell stealing outcast!”
A checked & beaked follower, ready to turn scrolls against their owners.
Clear when necessary. Cryptic when desired.
Bold layout and palette give Checkerbeak’s rendition room to breathe.
Usability: Checkerbeak directs the eye to the critical text, which is overall legible and concise.

Damned in Darkness

“A chaotic dungeon dash through gore fueled horror”

Death Witch

Concept: “The unclean blessing of Nechrubel is on you. WORK IT!”
An archetypal witch class with 10 new unclean and sacred Powers
Clearly written and easy to understand
Easy-to-use layout and a lovely Klimt sketch; nicely emulates the feel of an old, well-used spellbook
Modifies the penalties for failed Powers for a different but still challenging spellcasting experience;  particularly fun use of d6s and modifiers in Draw Down the Doom, which is specific to this class

Death's Head at a Feast

Concept: “A new group of antagonists and a new ability for Mörk Borg player characters”
Includes a filthiness score mechanic, new sacred and unclean scrolls, and mechanics for rerolling failed tests (and additional effects for outcomes)
Primarily devoted to mechanics but includes some introductory descriptive text
Text-heavy but stylized with blackletter (sometimes yellowletter) and some illustrations for macabre flavor
Requires tracking an additional filthiness quantity, but the mechanics are simple

Erroneous Revelations

Concept: “He experimented a lot with divination, mainly trying to make it easier, often at the cost of accuracy.”
Content: A scroll to bring about an unlikely future.
Writing: Hilariously un-prophetic.
Art/design: Serious layout belies decidedly humorous contents.
Usability: Specificity adds to the hilarity. 

Expanded Tables for Mörk Borg

Concept: “These tables can be used instead of or in conjunction with those that are in the core book.” 
Content: See above
Writing: Consistent and parallel in its overall misery and tone.
Art/design: An aged parchment, with the occasional spot illustration in a tight two-column layout.
Usability: Dense but approachable plaintext. 

False Dusk

Concept: “The pig must be alive while the spell is cast. The pig explodes after the spell is cast.”
A scroll that summons darkness and feral pigs
Mostly descriptive with a few mechanical components
Typography and layout differentiate sequential elements; also includes a piggy
Intuitive, with some potentially entertaining applications

Forbidden Tomes and d666 Incantations

Concept: “Eldritch books that contain 3 or more Spells [and] have a distinct style that evocates the Cosmic Horror genre”
216 Powers and tables for generating 432 tome names
Tome and spell names vary between creatively descriptive to more Mörk Borg-style esoteric; spell text efficiently describes the effects; overall, very Cthulhu Mythos inspired
Spell names and descriptions are presented in blocks alongside thematic images and grounds
Easy to navigate and use, and a solid source for a lot of spells in one place


Concept: “Anthelia’s patience is growing thin…”
Content: A frigid cavern-crawl in search of color, with treasure the world is not prepared for.
Writing: A case of courtly intrigue, frigid madness, and death in service of Anthelia’s greed.
Art/design: Darkly desaturated imagery, a familiar split column dungeon layout, a with top down minimap and sidebars.
Usability: Organized as a series of encounters in a mini-campaign.
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