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Ar-Em Bañas

On the Bones of Bathala

Concept: “On the Bones of Bathala is a grimdark game inspired by Ancient Philippines and Filipino folklore creatures.”
Includes alternate apocalyptic lore, setting-specific character creation and rules, gear, and monsters
Maintains Mörk Borg’s tone and focus but adds a markedly more-condescending attitude and humor
Graphic design and layout all show Nohr’s influence but tend toward more distinctly liberal utilization of space and an aesthetic that leans more toward clear mimesis than affective expression
A stand-alone, fully functional product exploding with character

This entry was sponsored by momatoes as part of the Ex Libris RPG crowdfunding campaign.
“I’m completely blown away by how much content is packed into this stylish, evocative RPG that blends unique mythopoeia with doom. Heck, there’s even dedicated sections for character creation and GM content!! The premise is ‘simple’ (you dive into Lambana, the Great Balete Tree in the Old World, to seek fulfillment of a deep desire) but the brief prompts offer the foundation for a creative GM to build a crazy, multilayered world where one-eyed giants, rotting humanoids, and half-horse half-men roam an ever-shifting environment. I can’t praise the content, theme and even illustration highly enough.”

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