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Babalon's Hangover 2

23 contributors
Concept: “A bestiary brimmed with 105 pages, 42+ Occult monsters, including Esoteric scriptures to die for, and Hopeless dungeons to die even more for.”
Content: Monsters and scriptures and dungeons, Oh my!
Writing: Text ranges from bloviated to concise; brisk to simple. But it is reliably miserable.
Art/design: A menagerie of styles as creative and varied as the community which spawned them.
Usability: Divided in three sections with a full index to aid navigation. Entries of varied accessibility and ease of reference at your table. 

Hovel of Miseries

Concept: “Life is short. Steal a fort.”
Events. Hirelings. Fortifications. Amenities. Renovations. Allies. Animals. Curses. Hooks. Taxes. Everything you need to run a stronghold.
Atmospheric, informative, and witty
Graphically diverse, with efficient layouts and typographical choices
Some related content isn’t in close proximity, but page gestalts and section headers make it easy to find what you’re looking for

PUNy PUNchable PUNk!

Concept: “Miserable wretch who thinks he’s funny.”
A clever wordplay-based adversary
Stats and special (which is a list of pun-based attacks)
Text colors amidst monochrome emphasize important rules and bad puns
Can be hit only by punny players; regardless, has a max lifespan of 10 rounds
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