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Fate's Folly

Concept: “Slowly, slowly, the wheel begins to turn, dragging you into its unending journey.” 
Content: An abbreviated tour of the wheel of fate.
Writing: Six randomized stages of a fool’s journey, manifest as (potentially) miserable encounters.
Art/design: Select tarot imagery presented to provide inspiration and context for each new chamber.
Usability: For a satisfying evening trapped by temptation and diversion, also available in plain text. 

Multiplying Falli

Concept: “steföne bootyman! >>—<3—>”
Content: A wild falli, and it is multiplying.
Writing: Erectile Dysfunction
Art/design: Photograph. Colorful ink on dot paper, printed legal text, and two tone bat imagery over wedge marker on dot paper. Layered elements provide visual texture with shadows. Ink splatter hints at some sort of creative climax.
Usability: Almost a functional monster. Requires GM ruling on to google what a Fallus of Caecilia is.

Nameless Pilgrim

Concept: “Explorers in the further regions of experience. Demons to some, angels to others.”
A name-themed monster/person who steals letters instead of dealing damage
The descriptive text handles its nontraditional content well and maintains a strong tone
Flat ground and simple typography bring out the illustration’s contours and details
Especially lethal against PCs with short names

PUNy PUNchable PUNk!

Concept: “Miserable wretch who thinks he’s funny.”
A clever wordplay-based adversary
Stats and special (which is a list of pun-based attacks)
Text colors amidst monochrome emphasize important rules and bad puns
Can be hit only by punny players; regardless, has a max lifespan of 10 rounds
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