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Kyle Tam

Champion of Fallen Gods

Concept: “There was one deity who took a most special interest in you, who granted you an artefact beyond all human knowledge and comprehension. Its power is now a pale reflection of its former glory, but even now you still wield the gift of your master.”
Standard class profile with ability adjustments and tables for backgrounds and abilities
Eloquent and descriptive, which makes it slightly wordier than others
Relatively simple, alternating red and white text blocks against a dark ground and snake figure
The red against gray occasionally slows reading but isn’t illegible

Fate's Folly

Concept: “Slowly, slowly, the wheel begins to turn, dragging you into its unending journey.” 
Content: An abbreviated tour of the wheel of fate.
Writing: Six randomized stages of a fool’s journey, manifest as (potentially) miserable encounters.
Art/design: Select tarot imagery presented to provide inspiration and context for each new chamber.
Usability: For a satisfying evening trapped by temptation and diversion, also available in plain text. 
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