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30 Days of MÖRK BORG Adventure Chapbook Vol.5

Concept: “Face off against interdimensional horrors, a drug-fueled cult and their terrifying god, and the unrelenting predation of the Mutant Centipede Thing!” 
Content: Three new ways to die... in a hole.
Writing: A sculptor's nightmare world of rock, lead, slag, bronze, drugs, and intelligent sinusoidal waves. Grounded and moving surrealism.
Art/design: Dark, textured, and occasionally effervescent images of spectral manifestations.
Usability: Deep vertical shafts with helpful mini-maps add utility and visual suspense.  

Fate's Folly

Concept: “Slowly, slowly, the wheel begins to turn, dragging you into its unending journey.” 
Content: An abbreviated tour of the wheel of fate.
Writing: Six randomized stages of a fool’s journey, manifest as (potentially) miserable encounters.
Art/design: Select tarot imagery presented to provide inspiration and context for each new chamber.
Usability: For a satisfying evening trapped by temptation and diversion, also available in plain text. 

Ghoulish Grin: Issue 1

Concept: “This is the Dying World, so it’s possible no one will notice the difference.”   
Content: "a tide of COSMIC HORROR upon the Dying World.” Two new classes, a magic domain, mutation mechanics, and Mythos Miseries.
Writing: Eldritch horror played for laughs. Surprisingly informed about the unknowable.
Art/design: A generous kaleidoscope of public domain horrors with a layout like frantic diary notes.
Usability: Available as both indescribable zine and plaintext edition. 

Greyson’s Forest

Concept: “Find Mardach's garden and the moshruums within.” 
Content: A secret garden, of sorts. Plenty of fertilizer at least.
Writing: A legend, of unclear message, and plenty of textual evidence it’s about to go horribly wrong.
Art/design: Fuchsia fungi feed mustard trees near a fertilizer-free two-column layout.
Usability: “To be continued...” No, seriously. 

Libēr de abominatio

Concept: “Cursed rituals for twisted minds, the grimm knowledge of decaying sages” 
Content: Eight new scrolls for use with Forbidden Psalm.
Writing: A transformative collection of body-horror-fueled mechanics.
Art/design: A generated pile of ambiguous meat crowds a loose collection of mystic texts.
Usability: A little twisted, but ultimately understandable. 

Yellow Cube

Concept: “What are you waiting for, roll a D8 - because there's more than 6 things that can go wrong when you roll a cube...” 
Content: One surefire way to stub a toe. D8 ways the Yellow Cube will not be denied.
Writing: Surreal escalations emanate from the crumbling yellow stone.
Art/design: A 148mm x 148mm square of stylized dice faces, arches, philosophers, spoons, war, skeletons, and cube heads.
Usability: Self-contained roll results, loudly telegraphed for easy reference. 
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