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time travel

Clockbroken Conjurer

Concept: “Some cruelty has cast you into an eternal cycle of apocalyptic misery... you try new routines or fall into old ones, squandering successive lifetimes as the clock continues to turn.”
Content: A temporal aberration made of scvm.
Writing: Centers around flexible abilities to negotiate narrative control. 
Art/design: Two-column layout of rigid clockwork precision.
Usability: Print-friendly with plaintext and pictograms. 

From Bloody Angels Fell Venemous Truths

“The graves are disturbed
The weeping won’t stop
Delve deep
Delve true
Content: An angel weeping, zombie bleeding tomb crawl.
Writing: Compact mechanics with descriptive fragments to embellish at the table.
Art/design: Simple polished black and yellow dungeon. Text boxes separate locations, encounters, and creatures.
Usability: Easy to reference. Pre-reading enhances understanding.

Stranded Time-Traveler

Concept: “Something went horribly wrong, you’re stranded in an ancient world on the brink of destruction. Now you must get back, back to... when was it again?”
Content: A time-traveler who picked the wrong destination.
Writing: Mechanical restrictions reinforce the characters outsider status. Abilities that allow for engagement with many tropes of time travel fiction.
Art/design: Illustration deconstructs the violent emergence of a time traveler in the dying world.
Usability: Opens the door for visitors from other games and settings. 

The Cross Stitch

Concept: “Sönderfall was never much to look at, but as one of the only outposts on the trek between Tveland and the Western Kingdom, travelers came to rely on it for a brief respite from the road. Until a week ago, when rumor reached Schleswig that Sönderfall had vanished overnight.”
Content: A thirty-minute wrinkle in time. One full night of adventure.
Writing: A deftly woven tale that doesn’t feel stiff or leave many loose threads.
Art/design: Carefully woven threads track the timeline, combined with careful linework and strongly delineated sections, to support a securely tailored theme.
Usability: One of the easiest to reference timeline-based adventures I’ve read. 

Timescrewed Scavenger

Concept: “You see glimpses of an impossible future, and you couldn't be more curious and afraid.”
Content: This scavenger keeps picking the wrong pockets—of time.
Writing: Brings a machine gun to a sword fight.
Art/design: Futuristic content in a traditional two-column layout. 
Usability: Print-friendly and mostly plaintext. 
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