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Conner Dejecacion

Clockbroken Conjurer

Concept: “Some cruelty has cast you into an eternal cycle of apocalyptic misery... you try new routines or fall into old ones, squandering successive lifetimes as the clock continues to turn.”
Content: A temporal aberration made of scvm.
Writing: Centers around flexible abilities to negotiate narrative control. 
Art/design: Two-column layout of rigid clockwork precision.
Usability: Print-friendly with plaintext and pictograms. 

Dishonored Headsman

Concept: “You were paid handsomely to leave your conscience behind, even if you made a few enemies in the process.”
Content: Headsman without a cause.
Writing: A simple executioner’s life cut short, with nowhere to pick up the pieces. 
Art/design: A cleaved two-column layout with strong axes and good (be)headings. 
Usability: Print-friendly and mostly plaintext.  

The Negligent Necromancer

Concept: “Send your legions to their doom, then do it again. It's not like they have anything better to do.”
Content: A commander of the un-loyal dead.
Writing: A powerful but doomed necromancer, most likely to be killed in the night by their own unwilling servants.
Art/design: A simple two-column layout with good bones. 
Usability: Print-friendly and mostly plaintext. 

Timescrewed Scavenger

Concept: “You see glimpses of an impossible future, and you couldn't be more curious and afraid.”
Content: This scavenger keeps picking the wrong pockets—of time.
Writing: Brings a machine gun to a sword fight.
Art/design: Futuristic content in a traditional two-column layout. 
Usability: Print-friendly and mostly plaintext. 
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