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Better Dreams Publishing

Arachnoid Infiltrator

Concept: “The world crumbles. Hunger and Desperation, like twin hounds, drive you into the lighted lands of the fleshly man-things who hate you.”
Content: A spider in man’s clothing.
Writing: Farcical and terrifying in turns. Their ignorance only magnifies the potential danger. In other words: an ideal player character.
Art/design: Shadowy and ambiguous imagery builds a sense of dread. Strong color choices enliven an otherwise simple text layout.
Usability: Unnerve friend and enemy alike.

Dread Knight

Concept: “You were a champion of the Nameless One, dark master of an army so strong it would surely have spread its relentless tyranny across the whole world.”
Content: An primordial knight, fused into armor black as night.
Writing: Rules that shed light onto the champion of a dark past.
Art/design: Dark. Literally dark. With only white text to illuminate it.
Usability: Dreadful ink consumption. Mementos may be difficult to read on small screens. 

Ghoulish Grin: Issue 1

Concept: “This is the Dying World, so it’s possible no one will notice the difference.”   
Content: "a tide of COSMIC HORROR upon the Dying World.” Two new classes, a magic domain, mutation mechanics, and Mythos Miseries.
Writing: Eldritch horror played for laughs. Surprisingly informed about the unknowable.
Art/design: A generous kaleidoscope of public domain horrors with a layout like frantic diary notes.
Usability: Available as both indescribable zine and plaintext edition. 

Haunted Chaise Longue

Concept: “Through sheer spite and willpower, you were able to animate and inhabit this piece of furniture. Thus began the world’s slowest and softest rampage.”
Content: A haunted chaise longue.
Writing: A persistent reminder that you are, in fact, a chaise longue. With all that that implies.
Art/design: Contains an image of a chaise longue, with matching pillow and rules text. Also, blood.
Usability: You cannot jump or climb and you move no faster than 4 feet a turn – you are a chaise longue.
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