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A Table of Tables

Concept: “Mass produced monstrosities in a wide range of styles and sizes.”
Seven furniture solutions to fit an scvm’s tastes and needs
Takes a sinister, occult tone with some clever rimshots
Designed for easy readability with Mörky splatter for visual effect
No assembly required

Anthelia’s Black Glass

Concept: “Expanding on a snippet of lore from the Mörk Borg core rules, Anthelia's Black Glass is about examining the notion of "monster" in a world of anti-heroes.”
Those who fight monsters are doomed to become them
Descriptive text is well written and evocative with an extremely efficient stat block
Illustration makes good use of the fragmented reflection conceit; the text is printed backward—you have to read it in a mirror
Easy to use without consulting the document at the table; includes a non-mirrored version, but that defeats the concept and execution

Brimnes™ Beast

Concept: “Based on the Ikea Brimnes line of beds”
An ambush monster with options for customization, sure to fit any domestic need
Uses a sterile commercial style to great humorous effect
Brilliantly stylized as an advertising brochure
“Some assembly required”

Haunted Chaise Longue

Concept: “Through sheer spite and willpower, you were able to animate and inhabit this piece of furniture. Thus began the world’s slowest and softest rampage.”
Content: A haunted chaise longue.
Writing: A persistent reminder that you are, in fact, a chaise longue. With all that that implies.
Art/design: Contains an image of a chaise longue, with matching pillow and rules text. Also, blood.
Usability: You cannot jump or climb and you move no faster than 4 feet a turn – you are a chaise longue.

Hungry Chains of Suffering

Concept: “Heavy chains that hunt anyone who disturbs them, and feed on the blood and suffering of their victims until the end of days.”
Content: A susurration of suffocating chains.
Writing: Crushingly measured combat mechanics support a rumored history of suffering and death.
Art/design: A skull faced corpse, suspended from amorphous chains over matching text.
Usability: Easy to use and general purpose killer chains.


Concept: “A beast from the depths of a labyrinthine dungeon. Ambush predator evolved from mere ambush and mimicry. Rush delivery as standard.”
Killer kabinet
Witty and parodically minimalist
Clean, well-organized imitation of a product factsheet; very appropriate for the concept
Features adjustable shelving


Concept: “Made for the IKILLYA katalog jam”
A variety of furniture and smaller accessories with special abilities (except for that one chair that’s just a chair)
Entries intentionally read like cloying advertisement copy
A range of layouts and design choices typically oriented on and around illustrations and other images
“IKILLYA takes no responsibility for the untimely death of anyone(s) who is in possession of an IKILLYA product.” You’ve been warned.


Concept: “It might be just what you've been looking for, if you need to organize your stuff and don't mind feeding a ravenous creature copious amounts of meat.”
A guardian monster and potential pet in three shapes and sizes
Highly instructive and dryly hilarious
Black and white text, clean-line images, and austere layout nicely replicate an instruction-manual feel; design on the care/feeding page is appropriately jolting
Includes safety precautions in English and German and a note for GMs 

Mirror of Despair

Concept: “You are your own worst enemy.”
Content: A mirror trap.
Writing: Mechanics establish disturbing doppelganger scenarios.
Art/design: An elegantly efficient mirror hung over wallpapered rules text.
Usability: Helpful visual emphasis on rules based on likelihood of use. 

Ruined Reflections

Concept: “Somewhere hidden in the ruins of the Palace of the Shadow King a mirror stands in the center of a chamber... Before it sits the severed head of Baol Rulg”
Content: A mirrored reflection of possible futures. A potential omen. A severed head.
Writing: A descriptive cinematic encounter with unusual furnishings.
Art/design: Focal central illustration. Staggered text elements. Considerate use of yellow and pink. 
Usability: Spacious and legible. 

The Death Bed

Concept: “A luxuriant bed. Exactly what any tired adventurer needs during a long and dangerous dungeon crawl.”
A life-draining piece of furniture; an interesting remix of the mimic’s core concept
Details the bed as a convenient, secure comfort (which we know is BS, but maybe your players won’t)
The background color gradient gives the illusion of warm welcomingness, but Mörk Borg pink and yellow lurk at the periphery
A good way to mess with your players and make them lose HP when they think they’ll be gaining some 

The Great Fighting Pot

Concept: “The former soul of a warrior or scholar, infused with a living jar body. 
Hardened external armour and a hardy spirit!”
Content: Scvm in a pot.
Writing: Cinematic class abilities make for one surprisingly engaging crock. 
Art/design: A jar that’s pumping iron, and it’s ready to smash. Easy to print layout with textual elements that encourage a kinematic reading experience.
Usability: Scvm like a warrior pot, rule with an iron fist, die like a crackpot. 
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