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Monster Mash

A Pale Ground Covering All

Concept: “All manner of winged pests fill the air of Grift. The endless buzzing is an annoyance, but hardly dangerous. Yet King Sigfúm knows they are no mere pests.”
Content: A maggot-infested portal-fueled laboratory crawl.
Writing: Squirms with body horror, filth, and promises of change for your unlucky scvm. Though the details of that change are left to the reader.
Art/design: Filthy full page illustrations envelope a clean two column layout with mini maps and tidy spot illustrations. 
Usability: Doesn’t sacrifice substance for style. 

ASH - Angry Sawtooth Hermits

Concept: “Members of one of the most secret and unknown heretical branches of the Church of the Two-Headed Basilisks”
Content: “Angry Sawtooth Hermits must have one or both of their arms surgically removed and then replaced with saws.”
Writing: A narrative depiction of a murderous saw-toothed cult.
Art/design: Blood splattered, boldly titled, gruesomely illustrated.
Usability: No established mechanical text. Stat it yourself. 

Blood Sucker

Concept: “A Creature for MÖRK BORG.”
Content: A blood sucker. Obviously
Writing: Flavor saturating every last drop.
Art/design: Frightfully elegant characterization and design.
Usability: Simple and legible typeface choices. 

Brothers, Plants, and Fog

Concept: “Tread carefully, for you may encounter something you will regret.”
Content: A dynamic duo, a hungry plant, and mysterious fog entities.
Writing: A delightful characterization of exotic vegetation. With concise renditions of both the brothers and the fog.
Art/design: Trusts in the interactivity of art and textual elements in the design.
Usability: Three separate classes of monster for your next game. 

Dead Dimensional Diver

Concept: “Remnant of a dead dimension. Long ago collapsed in on itself.”
Content: A darkness-dwelling revenant from beyond the known universe
Writing: Short, punchy flavor text with concise special features
Art/Design: Grungy typography and illustration mesh well and fit the relatively reserved but well-balanced layout
Usability: Store in a dark environment away from fire 

Death Notary

Concept: “Grim Shadows slink into our world to steal the remaining years from unsuspecting mortals by use of their ominous Black Journals... you now possess this deadly notebook.”
Content: A Death Notary class and a Grim Shadow monster.
Writing: A fitting fan tribute to its source full of references and inspiration from the manga. 
Art/design: Morbid purple highlights over black and white illustrations and dense white text. 
Usability: Legible text in a stylized, but navigable layout. 

Dracula Church

Concept: “There stands a time-lost tomb of tyrants languishing in a long-forgotten locale. Many things might draw you here, but only cunning, luck and skill will see you escape.”
Content: A blood-fueled techno-dracula cathedral crawl.
Writing: A heavily mechanized blood bath of downed draculas and archaic alliterations.
Art/design: Intentional blend of fantasy and sci-fi elements produce a unique visual style.
Usability: Fits wherever a cathedral airship could land. 

ELLI: Bloodsucking Abomination

Concept: “Add some unexpected HACK-toon to your game! Come get some!”
Content: “A precious little scamp HUNGRY to meet you.”
Writing: Active, light, and just a little clingy.
Art/design: Bloody adorable illustration with a steady flow in the hierarchy and design.
Usability: Engaging, concise, and fluid reading. 

Frankenstein The Artpunk Prometheus

Concept: “It is true, we shall be monsters, cut off from all the world; but on that account we shall be more attached to one another.”
Content: Stats and character classes for Frankenstein and the Monster; also includes handy tables for random body parts and their sources
Writing: Concise explications of mechanics with some quotations from the novel for flavor
Art/design: B&W layouts visually preserve the source material’s brooding, gothic tone in the eponymous artpunk style
Usability: Use of elaborate typefaces like blackletter and script in small point slows reading 


Concept: “The unspeakable depravity of the way they dress... the unimaginable horror of their singing... only wretched SCVM would side with...”
Writing: A refreshing quaff of bog water. *It’ll help clear out the sinuses. 
Art/design: Gritty bog background on neon green corpse painted frogborn.
Usability: Available in full color and plaintext versions. Metal growl at the start of each session for an extra omen.  
I love Willo. 

Ghost of a Ghost

Concept: “If a ghost is the left over soul and mind stripped of its flesh, then what is a ghost of a ghost?” 
Content: Ghosts² 
Writing: A metaphysical question, a horrifying conclusion.
Art/design: A de-saturated, isolated, background focused on a stalking pile of ectoplasm. 
Usability: Easy and clean layout. 

Grappleoid TERRORS

Concept: “An eight page bestiary featuring a multi-stage creature based on those from [the first three] TREMORS movies”
Content: Stats and lifecycle of The Grappleoid. 
Writing: Detailed passive and special abilities reproduce cinematic encounters.
Art/design: Multi-textured and layered design with hand-drawn grappeloid illustrations.
Usability: Also compatible with CY_Borg 

Man is the Warmest Place to Hide

Concept: “Something hungry lurks in the dungeon, it has one goal...”
Content: One Shifting Dungeon. The worst game of tag ever. You do not want to become IT.
Writing: A trap-filled sandbox for your scvm to get paranoid in.
Art/design: Simple illustrated maps and public domain images.
Usability: Currently still an ashcan. 

Mirror of Despair

Concept: “You are your own worst enemy.”
Content: A mirror trap.
Writing: Mechanics establish disturbing doppelganger scenarios.
Art/design: An elegantly efficient mirror hung over wallpapered rules text.
Usability: Helpful visual emphasis on rules based on likelihood of use. 


Concept: “Your Master’s deranged, fanatically devoted servant.”
Content: An obsessive and blood bug-fueled fanatic,
Writing: Mechanics which bind you devotionally to your Master.
Art/design: Intense visual elements in an exaggerated theatrical design.
Usability: Dependent on interaction with a Master figure. 
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