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Death Notary

Concept: “Grim Shadows slink into our world to steal the remaining years from unsuspecting mortals by use of their ominous Black Journals... you now possess this deadly notebook.”
Content: A Death Notary class and a Grim Shadow monster.
Writing: A fitting fan tribute to its source full of references and inspiration from the manga. 
Art/design: Morbid purple highlights over black and white illustrations and dense white text. 
Usability: Legible text in a stylized, but navigable layout. 

Letters of the Damned

Concept: “A supplement for Quill that immerses the player in the dark fantasy world of MÖRK BORG”
A letter-writing solo game
Expressive but clear in its descriptive and instructional text
Includes some public domain illustrations and other visual elements for variety and appeal; text is presented efficiently and arranged appropriately according to density per page
Requires Quill rules to play; could also be used as inspiration for, or a mini-game in, standard Mörk Borg


Concept: “Build the family tree of a fictional ruling family.  Record the monstrosities they faced and the choices they made.”
A solo journaling game based on
Lineage and set in the courts of the Dying World
Establishes the bleak tone intended for gameplay with lots of variety in the table results
Layouts vary from section to section for easier visual navigation when flipping/scrolling
Linearly laid out for progress through each ruler’s lifespan; also a good source of adventure hooks and long-term plots for standard games
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